Sunday , January 17 2021
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Gov. DeSantis addresses COVID-19 concerns as travelers flock to Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis updates Florida on coronavirus.

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  1. Come to Florida. The Bucher of Talahasee want you to visit the state.

  2. His numbers are rising in Florida so he needs to put blame on people from other states. Corona is already in Florida and circulating. It is in all 50 states. Listen to him. He is throwing blame elsewhere to hide the fact he did not protect us by shutting down for a decent period of time. 2 weeks was not enough.But time will tell.His job is to protect and be honest. But he does spin things. People think clearly.

  3. Governor DeSantis: God bless you and your family . We love you.❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  4. This is a joke we haven’t even tested 2% of our population in Florida and you want to reopen our state? Florida looking like the next New York

  5. And here’s a Great vacation spot for Florida residents: Avery County, North Carolina. Specifically, the town of Banner Elk. It’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains where it’s cool in the summer. Very safe. Too safe even. And what’s more, zero cases of Covid.

  6. He desantis, I want to congratulate you. Your allegiance to donald p. Trump. P for phuqen. Your numbers climbed over 26k today. Way to go, your going to have the biggest corona numbers, just like trump !

  7. Impeach Governor De Santis He is murdering seniors throughout Florida, Georgia and La. Wrestling is an essential business, Really? "please stop them from killing us"

  8. This is what a pathetic person sounds like when their biggest concern is washing the president's undies, rather than doing what's best for the preservation of human life. We see right through you, DeSantis; you are as convincing as the president himself, which at best, is not at all. Shame on you.

  9. Why in the United States of America do we have to go to another country to get drugs to cure American citizens? This is what globalization leads to.

  10. Question, so would you suggest people say from another state not return home right now? I really want to know, no bad attitude here. I'm trying to tell my sister to stay put

  11. RECALL your Governor Florida!

  12. Stay at home for 30 days, how about us that are still working?

  13. Let's wake up already… Florida is loaded with Tourists from all over the world this time of the year… We are already 90 days late dealing with this pandemic… 180 Thousands Americans are now infected… Please Protect your EYES… Please Protect your MOUTH… Please Protect your NOSE… Please, Cover yourselves accordingly… We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the Hospitals and the Public… No test, No Containment possible… No Economy… No Re Election possible either… We need to Protect our Doctors Nurses Volunteers and First Responders…

  14. How many people will die in Florida because Florida governor acted or should I say “not acted” in the best interest of his constituents? He’s only doing something now?!?
    ITS APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ron the “Clown” pretending to be a doctor. Butt head

  16. This governor is one of the worst!

  17. The Florida governor looks like an incompetent leader. He should step down. Sorry citizens of Florida. Hmmm!

  18. No confidence in our FL state leader.

  19. Desantis is doing a great job!!!!!!

  20. Yeah, whatever. You’re so happy about these rapid tests, when we can’t even get ANY tests!! I’m in Brevard County and we can’t even get tested here. I have severe asthma along with other medical problems, so I’m being extra careful. The problem is, even with symptoms I can’t get tested!! Even if I could get tested, it takes 10 DAYS to get the results. So, basically they’re useless, especially since 99% of us can’t even get tested. 😡

  21. Not one person should be aloud to travel at this time. Stay in your home states and follow the rules. Mistakes have been made as well as positive action. We are all Americans for the most part lets not divide.

  22. This dumbfuck should shut down Fal completely. Now we're one of the hotspots on the whole nation and growing uncontrollably by the day.

  23. Did this yahoo governor just say Florida will buy our own??!! "Just please let Abbott know its okay with you Mr. President that we buy our own.." What the f? President deSantis in the future. A governor who does not act like a spoiled child depending on big daddy fed to change our diapers. How refreshing. If Cuomo sees this, he might take note of how the adults play.

  24. I’ll remember how careless and how little was done when it comes time to vote. DeSantis cared about revenue generated to spring breakers before the safety of the population of Florida, which is majority elderly. Careless and irresponsible

  25. O ok come here from a hot zone and take away medical services from FL residence knowing you are sick already. Selfish I say. I w stay home for weeks so you can come here and infect everyone

  26. People shouldn't be "flocking" anywhere. If they do they should go flock themselves.

  27. Desantis has not initiated a statewide lockdown yet. Every effort should be made to contain this virus now – imagine if this virus is widespread during the summer hurricaine season. Trying to initiate a mass evacuation during a mass pandemic would be a disaster!

  28. This guy was elected for his quickly “lets build a wall”, video. What could go wrong.

  29. A special kind of stupid, ignoring the grave seriousness of this situation.

  30. DeSantis is following the Trump playbook – Happy Talk about smoke-and-mirrors cures and fake news about a successful pandemic response. Bet he owns stock in this drug company. He is STILL slowboating the only possible effective response : state-wide lockdown now.

  31. If you test comes negative you can go home and recover ?

  32. People need to stay put, period!! STOP this mania and close ALL borders and airports for 2 weeks! You can't rely on these selfish stupid ignorant know-it-all people to do the right thing! States shouldn't have to pay for the medical needs of those who aren't residents when these people were already told to stay home, but chose to ignore the order! Stay put for a mere few weeks or die for eternity!!

  33. I have a message for our governor.. Lead Follow or get the hell out the way!! he is an idiot. Cries that the ship can't just dump them here??!! ACT LIKE A FRIGGIN LEADER!! make an executive decision. All you do is talk about things no one can believe or see.. DO SOMETHING!!! good god this man has no clue!

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