Government watchdog launches probe into FBI’s tight lipped HQ selection process

An internal federal watchdog is investigating the Biden administration’s decision to select Maryland as the FBI’s new headquarters’ site. #foxbusiness

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  1. Poisoned chemical dust stabbed public humiliation and i was framed it was a failed diplomatic experiment safety and liberty 🖼️🗽✔️ 💳

  2. You can bet it’s a corrupt decision and one with self serving motives. Put it in the Midwest. In the heartland. Far from DC and around the American people.

  3. This goes to show us how corrupt these people are.

  4. All wot the FBI has done n its bein investagated for this?? Oh, right, clown world!!

  5. Diaper Don sold our classified information to the Saudi prince for $2 billion. Who knows what else he sold to China, to Hamas, to Putin, to Iran, to Kim Jong Un, to whoever had some cash on hand?

  6. The false orange idol will lose again. The fake weak ex-president is a moronic demonic failure, and America is sick of his corruption and delusion.

  7. All the crap their guilty of! And this is what is being investigated,!!! Really.

  8. The oss is still very very active,,, and Barry's bagman is completely incompetent deminta addled and being blackmailed by the MANY back door deals and decades of bribery and if I go down you all go down,,,

  9. They should investigate the upper echelon of the FBI !!

  10. If they can't get President Biden, what makes these idiots think that they can get Wray and his corrupt gang 😢. Admit it America is finished if they don't repent. 😢 🕊

  11. FBI is nothing more then a bunch of THUGS!

  12. They need to send the FBI down to little whiskey Georgia.
    That'll be a good place for the FBI that's way the age ticker knows is in everybody's business illegally that's my first amendment speech.

  13. Sadly the FBI can no longer be trusted.

  14. That picture of Christopher Wray looks like it's straight out of Zoolander 😅

  15. I think the new HQ should be in Havana Cuba!

  16. 👍👍👍. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide…

  17. Thanks Guys 🎉Fox Business woohoo🎉🎉🎉🎉😊

  18. They want in Greenbelt as it is a mostly black area!

  19. Wray sucks dirty 🌭 and 🏀🏀 that rotten 💩 bag is the enemy of we the people

  20. Don't trust FBI answers on anything. After every shady thing they've done to Americans and America, they don't deserve trust!!!!

  21. Well, it’s about time. It looks like this agency thinks they’re above the American people in the land that they’re supposed to protect. And if you find a Director, of the FBI guilty. He should be charged with treason immediately. And anyone in the FBI who has aided or helped him should also be tried for treason I think they forgot they work for the American people. We put people in prison every day for what Biden in the Biden administration has been getting away with along with the FBI. Let’s hold them accountable.

  22. They should notget a new building period theyshould disbanned

  23. Its about time how honest will it be or is it ran by dems to

  24. Its a gift to the governor of Maryland your soon to be president Less Moore!…..but tim his name is Wes. No, he's Less. So much Less. Couldn't be Moore Less. Youve been warned!!!

  25. The is only the tip of the iceberg. Someone should look into how FBI does individual Personnel Security Background Investigations!
    For some reason…they use their own/separate system, unlike the greatest majority of ALL other federal gov't agency employees.

  26. FBI should be defunded and disbanded along with CIA for treason!

  27. Talk about a feedback loop lol..

  28. The FBI is a traitorous/terrorist organization.

  29. Another fruitless investigation of the mafia

  30. We are becoming subjects of the kingdom, no longer free citizens. AI will have a permanent file on every American

  31. OOOooooooo this will be more slow walked and not covered than the Durham investigation that proved the russian collusion hoax.

  32. I think because no federal land in Maryland and on private "property" the government agents can get away from the law! And they can use weapons against anyone if they feel like it as intruder! Shouldn't allow such "privatization" process for against constitutional "we the people's" type of legal government protocols, instead with this establishing alike private warlord army base could operate with the "rights and freedoms" as for citizens BUT NOT FOR GOVERNMENT "working for" the executive branch as EMPLOYEES. I think it is a coup from the head-administration to get away from the unwanted Congress and Senate questioning about WHAT THEY ARE DOING for their government hiring with benefits (instead of serving the people with enforcing the laws of the land). But in Maryland no "federal jurisdiction" of THAT particular land for the laws for the people by the people…with strong limitations to have individualized accountability of the agency for the federal investigation of "whatever"… the improvising, important, prioritized whatever has agent approval to can cough up and the taxpayer's on the hook for💵💵💵. Jail them all whom responsible in this "getaway" from law&order…for the special runing from the law kinda enforcers🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  33. FBI….. very corrupt 😮

  34. So, they've been 'planning' this 'massive' move by the IRS for 3 years. Odd, that's about the time Biden and team took power. Trump was right, we need to abolish the payroll tax and bring America back into the realm of sanity.

  35. AS a citizen who requires disclosure for why Republican lawmakers used the NUCLEAR OPTION VOTE to confirm SUPREME COURT JUSTICE S NOMINATION TO THE UNITED STATES'OF AMERICA'S SUPREME COURT

  36. They NEVER should have approved any money for this nonsense

  37. The FBI can’t be repaired, shut it down and start over. I’m not even sure we still need it

  38. The government has really called things more difficult for its citizens, and we can't sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance. It's obvious we are headed for hyperinflation,it is always the poor who take the hit.