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'Gov't shouldn't be in banking': Alex Sanchez reacts to public bank proposal

Alex Sanchez, CEO of the Florida Bankers Association, has a message for congressional Democrats seeking to create a public banking system in the U.S.

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  1. Insead is in France, not Germany.

  2. Too Big to Fail — that’s the Mob !!
    Never bailout Bankers, just the Account holders and those with mortgages.

  3. It seems like everyone in the comments section forgot about the FDIC.

  4. "THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN'T BE IN BANKING"???? sheer lunacy! We the people who the currency belongs to and therefore give it its value should NEVER give its control and therefore power to ANY private intrest EVER! How this lunacy has been manipulated into being is a sheer travesty.

  5. Only parasites work against the public controlling their currency. Only fools would think the private sector would do what's in the best interest of the public. Time to rid ourselves of the green eyed monsters!

  6. If they want to get rid of something get rid of the Fed. They’ve enslaved us.

  7. No global bank less global control fk the fed

  8. Gov should have its own bank fk the world's bank

  9. Gov. can't be trusted w money….they can't balance or budget money….So,Really. Gov. isn't good at anything except Lying and Corruption…

  10. All about control of EVERY aspect of our lives. NO!

  11. Given Wall St banks and "Woke Capital" have decided to impose their political views on customers, why should conservative voters lift a finger to help them? A government-owned "bank of last resort" would be bound by the 1A and would not be able to deny banking and financial services to the NRA, Christian groups, etc which is something that is currently happening. This could actually defang 'cancel culture'.

  12. Banks will suck all your money dry untill there’s nothing left better off investing in property and saving up

  13. Nonsense the banks are thieves of trust a crackhead before I trusted a bank

  14. state vaccine and state banking – what could ever go wrong ?

  15. Hell no! Govt banking proposal would mean they are banking with taxpayers money!! Definitely NO!!! These idiots can’t even control a budget or take a pay cut when they aren’t even doing their jobs! Whoever thinks this is a good idea needs to go back to school and start over cause they ultimately learned nothing!!!!

  16. Cuba finance bank system is here 🙀 Solution is Bitcoin

  17. Look at how things are already. Congress holds us hostage/

  18. They could call it Bank of America 😆

  19. “The Party of No” says the government shouldn’t be in the business of banking. Per the Constitution, the government is in business to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Providing a means for disenfranchised Americans to have access to banking would fall under those terms.

  20. Government controlled banking leads to country wide destruction. Greece here we come.

  21. We want our President Donald J Trump back to the White House before before it crashes Joe Biden is not my President.

  22. Duh morons that backed Biden! He made it clear he will control banks and he will nationalize corps that need to be nationalized what part of SOCIALISM do you not understand!

  23. We currently have to have military guard the USA capital for the Biden white house and wide open borders to hold down USA wages & benefits and now they want in Banking what a filthy joke ! America is under military guard did you get that no first world country has to have there current administration held up by military guards none and we tell the world how to be free !!!

  24. Who is AOC by the way?
    Why listen to her?
    Government shouldn't be in the banking system.


  26. The congress is suppose to set monetary policy. A private central bank is illegal. To loan out money at no interest rate. You put your money in the bank and you do not get an interest rate.

  27. It would be like fanymay the post office etc. loaning money to people that can not pay it back is something only the democrats would like

  28. Government wants to control everything we do.

  29. Another necessary step in the communist overthrow of the world.

  30. I like the idea of a government-run utility Bank. Maybe credit cards wouldn't have to be 25% ??

  31. The Democrats know that our monetary system has changed now. This is their plan to start up their own. This will never happen. They're idiots!!!

  32. Banks abused their authority. Banks should not have the power of closing citizens bank accounts. You have to pay a bank to hold your money they make all the profits plus charge you for it. If banks don't let us have a bank account then we need a digital wallet. We need a new way because banks have failed us. They charge too much, they don't let you make any money and if you don't comply they close your account. We need the fed now so all citizens can have a bank account that can never be closed.

  33. They want to start laundering money using tax payers money

  34. Strongly approve Biden's daily approval rating, Feb-22-2021.
    Approve 33%, disapprove 39%.
    Trump's approval rating same time in office.
    Approve 38%, disapprove 38%.

  35. Start giving banks a promissory IOU note for your home loan with no interest! A legal document!

  36. Socialized banks. NEVER!

  37. Government banks mean you have to know a politician to borrow money.

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