Monday , January 18 2021
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Goya CEO: We're the land of the free, but don't have free expression

Goya CEO Bob Unanue received backlash on social media after praising President Trump’s leadership.

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  1. I always buy there products and know more than ever.

  2. End career politicians they are evil

  3. Goya foods is wote i buy the great State of Texas is wote i love

  4. Go goya! Don't let these sick bullies push you around.

  5. Hardly .Goya products WITH THE GOYA NAME are way down. Fortunately for the company , Most of his products are sold in South American Countries and Re- sales products he can't use.

  6. You can express whatever view you want. People can then express express whatever view they want including boycotting your products. Gotta love all the uneducated, conspiracy theory comments on here. 'Murica!!

  7. where your losing your freedom is driving should be right to drive not a privilege you'll figure out mn DMV is a communist party

  8. I never bought Goya until they called a boycott and I'm glad they did. Goya has great black beans and I now make the best bean burritos'. Thank you GOYA !!!!!

  9. Ever since that crazy boycott call I've been buying Goya products every shopping trip, and I've discovered how good they are. Go Goya!

  10. Cancel culture has taken over!

  11. You have freedom of speech. You said what you wanted. You are free. Your speech has consequences. You support a racist, white supremacist we have the right to boycott you freedom of expression

  12. Trump needs to use military tribunals and pull them all out and deal with these criminal's.

  13. We need Trump supporters in Georgia to be the patriots we know they are and BOYCOTT the Runoffs. Expose the fraud by shining a light on corruption and when the Perdue and Loeffler lose, this will pressure the election officials to help our beloved President Trump and they will find the courage to expose the fraud as we take this all the way to the Supreme Court!

  14. I just said I am IQI am IQ artist said I'm like you I don't want you to change what I say do not change what I say understand what I say when I tell you this is America this is our America it's a free America just America that you belong to best America Conte you this is yours this is mine and that's free this how we going to be you ain't nobody else going to tell me different this is our America our freedom they only show you no matter want you see best armor thank you God Bless America and I did say God bless America

  15. You know what day no work to it we cannot take this ship then miss Boucher bar DOJ good take care of this yet they're fucken worthless dare fuckinh ignorant day flocking can't take here been what a phuket or problem is not ours is theirs they get a start taking cure this your buddies got a fucken step button a mech das while those legged it what in fact is while Woody's people day Laden a lair tell us what we're going luck in do and when we gonna do in their owners day Ghana step up they can they got a fucken go drums got a fucken take martial law for dese people who Dave looking workman I hate this book in G what are we gonna step up and do there's nobody did want no fucken take care of business so drums gone ahead to hair everything you air to do this nobody fuckinh back in AM what is wrong with here's why in people back in drone YN na Y Sol luck in when I bathed it fluck in scares bucking bits laugh m********** got off fuckinh step down the day came fucken do the job stepped off lockdown these mall of forkers gonna have to do some this is bucking weird why is it not Flook and took euro price dropped doing his job you got off folk in do your job you pantywaist is luck in know fluchen politician m********** king fluck in take care this is why enough like a we do near this is scary I don't wanna be here I keep re one and this she had 247 is fucken making me scared I don't know folk in do this I do I don't do is O go there you work in worthless maloof blockers step go look up why no world are we doing now is it wrong I want it right

  16. Are you say what I say are you going do what U good do are you gonna fucken say what I'll say for all Americans are you all-American are you gonna fucken say a flirtish it were American yell fucky we don't be American we off Bourke America is that what you going to do

  17. Well I guess we stop with this war we start will our boar caught all my gold would he din libor court knows O no work or of they are they somebody can step or are they somebody can do some mundhir oh my God I bore God of those oh my God I can't be due nears O wish Kare dam always care MI and near me there met me at me you want you know what ruins some dish yet ryanair they got a boycott worn off but do they come up get the boy God nobody cares about the boar God O my God O my girl there still were you know what Dane in God then there's ours is God in a step a no name owners there been saying boycott us all they won't do you know what we don't step and Joe white boy category is Merrick is not done within America's gonna do what I do you can't change in UE even Ghana respect this because we can care less what you Bruce bag you worthless your delight you are of for QP says here we can care less but you we only a you thank you do you think this is yours you dank we go on a fucken give it to you are you there fuckinh don't do you want your kids to be that don't do you think he will for Cannell Ali doll around for you do you think we going up plugin let your Peony get wet and we didn't hurt you give us can't will Ted you and will show you and taken Lolly doll There's what I just said you can eat glee say Lau a dollar around you fucken pantywaist did mother fucken ways did you want to win clearly is we don't need you we don't want you your wordless will men of do what we gonna do you can Chrome your fucken air does jeschke your buck and teddies are you want to make in our bramo men you can make it a pain I moved then you can make it a fucken in FL move we don't steal steer book you worthless mother father's thank you God Diaz we got a better and you ever thought about were not you were a wee wee care less about your ban I ways did ways here we can help you win the rest Bruno gonna do this we're going show what 1 do and they are all noon Astaire boat dashed your brow you can do what you do when you do later but a this what we're going to do right now with all manner

  18. I don’t know what’s his problem. He has the right to say whatever he wants. I have the right to stop 🛑 buying his products and talk trash about it. Freedom is great.

  19. Our opinion and values can be comdemned by the left but we have buying power. Over half the country is NOT left dems so we need to be mindful of where we are putting our money and what goods we are buying. Know the political standing of the restaurant owners you go to, the products you buy, and entertainment. Don't financially support democrat media, businesses, products, entertainers, etc. Trust me they will have no choice but to stop their nonsense.

  20. Been buying Goya since months ago when he was harrassed by dems.

  21. Sadly and in an uncomfortable way. At this point….. I wish Democrats and liberals would just go away. Go live someplace else, and let us enjoy and celebrate being free Americans. Because it’s something they don’t appreciate, or maybe just don’t understand how we became free Americans in the first place. Smfh. I love Goya… btw.

  22. I understand when the cancel culture tried to shut down Goya products by trying to get people not to buy Goya, the people went and bought out Goya items in the stores, some of which were donated to food banks. If true I thought this was brilliant….keeping Goya in business and helping the community by donating to food banks! Land of the free because of the brave who are not afraid to fight to keep America free! I always related "the brave" as our military who gave the ultimate in sacrifice but now I see it is also the ordinary citizen standing up against tyranny who will sacrifice his or her livelihood and personal reputation for the cause of freedom. Power to those people who believe in "We the People"!

  23. What's wrong with having an opinion? Or boycotting a company you disapprove of?

  24. Boycott mainstream media, support the smaller independents.
    When MSM ratings and income plummets they will feel the displeasure of the people and will either have to change of fail.

  25. US is not the greatest country on earth – why do you keep saying that? Countries are different things to different people. Personally, any country that doesn't provide free healthcare for all is uncivilised. It's a human right and one that is very well established in most countries of the world. Catch up US – the scare stories you see about nationalised healthcare are absolute rubbish, ask 68 million people what they think of the NHS in Britain and 67. 9 will say it's wonderful. I lived in the US and couldn't believe that I had to wait 48 mins for a 20 minute appointment and then pay for the privilege! Get real US, your elections, your supposed democracy and your lies for continual wars and regime changes are a manifestation of a corrupt and uncivilised nation where lies like the Trump/Russiagate hoax are given credence and where you only have to say 'Brutal dictator' and a country is invaded with millions killed. Ask Iraq, ask Libya. All this while you've not closed Guantanamo Bay and if the elections we're seeing today were in any other country you'd have invaded for 'Democracy and freedom' and killed citizens with your 'democracy loving' bombs.

  26. This "buycott" helped me to discover the spicy goodness of Goya's Ginger Beer. Please, though, put the bottles together in a six pack.

  27. Latinos for trump 🇺🇸🇵🇷🇵🇷🇨🇺🇨🇺🇩🇴🇩🇴🇻🇪🇻🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. What regulations hindered your profits ? Clean water ? Clean Air ? A Living Wage ?

  29. Stop saying we don't have freedom!! WE DO!! FIGHT BACK WITH YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH TOGETHER!! THIS IS IT!!

  30. Young old men women Americans get a backbone we need to stand up you will lose what you're not willing to fight for America your freedom

  31. I never tried Goya products until the left wanted to boycott then I started trying it. Man i'm glad they have superior products!


  33. __ Stop all the many many Federal workers from getting a paycheck during the eternal "Flatten-the-curve". . . Bet country will open up real quickly.

  34. It's still ok to voice an opinion, as long as it goes along with the fascists. Who don't know they are.

  35. Goya shortbread biscuits(cookies) are the best!! Everyone, support this great company.

  36. Twatter users are communists. They will all being go to hell.

  37. No work no eat bible say that demon cracse

  38. Outside america we will boycott goya, usa is screwed by trump and you goons

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