Saturday , January 23 2021
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Goya Foods boycott backfires as GoFundMe raises more than $150,000

“Buy Goya” GoFundMe organizer Casey Harper discusses raising funds to support the purchase of Goya products during the “buy-cott.”

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  1. While republicans counting beans we miscounting votes! LOL We stole election right from under their noses!!! Republicans so dumb 😂🤣😂 Enjoy your beans suckers! 😂

  2. I’m terrified to say who I will vote for after this feeling afraid of losing my business it is horrible what hate can do to our democracy we have to fight back and take this movement to the gran jury telling people not to consume a product associating it with politic is horrible

  3. We should do a "where are they now"!

  4. AOC opened my eyes to fine quality Goya products.

  5. Better not come for the Tapatio guy!! Why are they trying to erase hispanic and black food products?? Dems are the real racists.

  6. Man…I know that dude is so right about the cancel culture. I lost my job when I made a private statement (not viewable by public) on my Facebook page about our VP making ageist comments during a department meeting (which was true and there were plenty of witnesses.) No names mentioned, no company name either, but a trusted 'friend' (i discovered who it was later) who worked with me decided to print it out and show it to upper management. Took me a year to find another job. Sh*t like this, I think you should be able to sue. ESPECIALLY when you can prove it! It's a form of retaliation from an employer instead of addressing the real problem with their management staff's age discrimination practices.

  7. We love Goya 😊🇺🇸🇺🇸😊😃👋

  8. I am a disabled vet and it turns my stomach what the democrats have done to this country

  9. I am for Goya and God and Trump

  10. GOYA stays on my shopping list now. Very limited choices at our WallyWorld, but Kroger has a pretty good selection.

  11. Since the boycott began, I have been buying minimum one Goya product weekly.

  12. It is about when someone offended other person you just can not keep quiet you need to let them know that offence people is not right either.

  13. I'm surprised this made it past the censor milita

  14. hispanish americans for trump GO GOYA!!!

  15. America.grande.trump.2024.goya.muy.bueno.

  16. I’m buying Goya no matter what , you don’t fight one bean you fight the whole burrito

  17. The only black that matters are Goya black beans!

  18. Try more than $300,000!!

  19. Viva la mejor compania 2020 respeten la democracia trump 2020

  20. Maybe money could be better used in trying to battle this contagion as opposed to helping a million dollar company that doesn’t need your help…ah yes where the good ole priorities lie😷😚

  21. Uhhh. you guys know how this all started right? With a public official promoting them? Why is it okay for your god Trump, the PRESIDENT, to act all the ways he does? He literally has promoted individuals, boycotted them, insults them, start conspiracies about them, and you say nothing. You people are pathetically inconsistent in your beliefs. You are just reactionary and angry cause your fake news tells you to be. So sad.

  22. So glad this buycott happened, I’m a life time Advocate and buyer of Goya now!!!!! Funny to say and just relied, weeks late, I have purchased And supported to date, all their products. It has changed how I cook with different blending of foods and spices. I have told other people about the GOYA products and have gifted some of it also. I believe we have started a tribe
    of Goya followers. Reasons to boycott… NONE, GREAT PRODUCT

  23. I am also loading up on their products. It's so much fun to give the finger to cancel culture.

  24. Support people who support our president and our country!. And they even donated food to people.

  25. I will continue to buy Goya food products. Cortez Intentionally trying to take more jobs from people . Like she did with Amazon in New York.

  26. Boycott Goya and we will buy more lol

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