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Grandma-grandson duo road trip to 29 US national parks and counting

Brad Ryan said his grandma had spent most of her life in a small Ohio town, so in 2015, they went on their first road trip together. Since then, they’ve traveled 25,000 miles across 38 states.




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  1. what a beautiful story – grandson i know you are so seriously filled with love andexcitement over this – waht a great thing to do <3 <3 you guys are awesome <3 <3 go grandmom – this is the best thing i heard in decades

  2. What a great grandson and grandma thing to do! What amazing memories for both of them.

  3. Yazzzzz @Grandma Joy!!! Inspiration in action!! I love you two! #BucketListLife

  4. It’s some COUGARS on this thread.

  5. These will be a lifetime of memories especially with the pictures and videos the grandson is getting. He is the best.

  6. I wanna road trip someday soon.

  7. That is so cool! Wow, really made my day. Just because you're old doesn't mean you can't roll down a hill.

  8. This is my dream to view all theses things

  9. That has too be the best ever 'feelgood' end story on any news programme, anywhere, ever. Completely delightful….

  10. Such a beautiful segment.!! It is so nice to see this stations air time given over to an uplifting story about love, the commitment from a grandson to his grandmother, a long life lived well and the notion that it is never too late to do something new and exciting.💖

  11. That is so Awesome. God Bless you both and keep you Safe In Jesus Name.

  12. Very very very very very nice

  13. Great feel good story what a good grandson

  14. I just don't get the thumbs down people; do you thumbs down people search for videos that show the best in humans or life just to try and make another person's delight deflate a little when their eyes flicker over your thumbs down?
    How empty your life would be without a thumbs down…….unless, that's how you get your freak on.
    That would be a next level kind of sick.

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