Saturday , July 24 2021
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‘Green New Deal’ test run falls short after energy bills skyrocket

Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund’s Jonathan Hoenig, Economist Steve Moore, FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos and Jackie DeAngelis on Georgetown’s plan to generate all of its electricity from wind and solar power.

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  1. My power bill was $58 dollars last month. I miss they days of $10 electric bills.

  2. The town did the right thing by killing the deal.

  3. You can't run America with only renewables! It is IMPOSSIBLE! The people who believe in the "Green New Deal" also believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, a pot of Leprechaun Gold at the end of the rainbow, and unicorns.

  4. Why is nuclear not mentioned? Ungodly amounts of energy for pennies. Also no greenhouse gasses. That's innovative. I'm not for subsidies but I'd rather subsidies go to nuclear than be wasted on 'renewable' energy.

  5. Cities trying to change their ways..


  6. Waaah-Waaaaaaaaaah! This is what happens when you let leftists set energy policy.

  7. Imagine if you don't have the budget to pay for these expensive energy. The progressive are taking ordinary people back to the dark age .😂 the neanderthals already used natural energy but the climate still changed.

  8. A windmill has a life of 15 years, It takes 17 years to break even on the cost to make one.

  9. Give me a smart woman out there please!!!!!! Okay the woman in yellow IS smart.

  10. Australia went "green" several years ago. Now they face BLACKOUTS during hot weather due to INSUFFICIENT POWER. F U Greens, go live naked in the forest YOURSELVES before you try to force the rest of us to!

  11. lay off the blow, bro. man.

  12. Has everyone forgot about the fact that this kind of ideology has been killing Australia middle class? Everyone, look up Australian electric costs

  13. I say put the green new deal through. It will restore the balance of power. How? When the economy collapses & we become a 3rd world country, true Americans & patriots will rise up again and rebuild like our fore fathers that came here and built this great nation. These weak, self-entitled fools will all die because they wont know how to fend for themselves. What they refer to as toxic masculinty is what will rebuild this country. The house wife that feminist shun & demean will raise the next generation of American Patriots. They will look to those who can hunt, build & fend for themselves to help & support them. I say let them have their way. All empires rise & fall. And when this empire falls will we rebuild from the ashes & devastation. The lesson we will learn from it will be is "never give these jerks the power to lead us down this path ever again!".

  14. We should focus on nuclear it is greener cheaper and more efficient. And has the smallest by product

  15. Thorium molten salt reactors people!!!! Look it up. Energy problems solved for thousands of years.

  16. "Innovative." – The keyword every dumb liberal throws out there every time something they try to do fails miserably.

  17. I got new plasma generator which electricity only cost 0.05 cent per Kilowatt. But America does support new technology.

  18. OMG that guy in the upper left-hand corner is annoying!

  19. Sorry Bloomberg, No Refunds….Hahahahaaa!!!!!

  20. It failed because of Russia. 😂

  21. The GND was dreamed up and written by a moron, or possibly a group of other morons – either way it is/was a laughable attempt to seize power of the energy market.

  22. Bahahaha 🤣hahahaha😂 hahahaha😂aaaahhhhhhh hahahahahaha😝ha😜ha🤪hahahahahaha🤢🤢🤮🤤….could have never guessed this was gonna happen…oh my god this is funny🤗

  23. You mean the green deal doesn't work??? 😮😮😮😮so my princess Cortez was wrong NOOOO !!!!! 😮😮😮 I guess she is not the smartest person in the room .

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