Friday , September 24 2021
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‘Green Shirt Guy’ Laughing Response To Sanctuary City Heckler Goes Viral | NBC News

A man dubbed #GreenShirtGuy on social media was caught on camera laughing at “sanctuary city” protesters at a city council meeting in Tucson, Arizona.
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‘Green Shirt Guy’ Laughing Response To Sanctuary City Heckler Goes Viral | NBC News


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  1. Really, she's typical Zonie trailer trash along with that guy who's a variation of Walter Sobchak, and what looks to be a gold prospector from 1880 in overalls in the background grabs his banjo and is ready to go. I'd laugh like that too.

  2. After seeing all those leftist comments here, im just slowly loosing Hope in humanity. Guess im gonna go watch again some videos about leftist Getting destroyed with facts to gain my hopes back. gl trump

  3. Imagine caring about politics that's all I see in the green shirt guy

  4. Check out the Daisy Duke wedgie pull. Meet Chump's base, inbred "white" (the commenter may not be held liable if there is some Negroid blood in the family tree) trash.

  5. how great . i think we should all get green shirts and at the next trump rally just stand and point and laugh continuously

  6. She’s in direct violation of shorts’ and tank top abuse.

  7. It looks so orchestrated..

  8. Her hat! BWAHAHAHA if that's what MaKing America Great Again looks like I want no part of it!

  9. Freaking Rodney Dangerfield flashbacks.

  10. Green shirt guy looks like he takes it in the back door if you catch my drift. Who wants to bet he pays Mexicans $4.00 an hour to do his landscaping?

  11. LOL "You're in direct violation of being a jacka##" 0:12

  12. "You're in direct violation of being a jacka##"

  13. Going as green shirt guy for Halloween

  14. Looks like the kind of guy who would keep the laughs going on a Vegas road trip…

  15. He will be a fine addition to the Bernie Sanders administration

  16. This is exactly the right reaction to Mr Trump and his fanclub ( all not the brightest candles on the cake ).The right reaction to anybody who thinks he`s superior just because he was born (by chance) in a rich country.

  17. Look at all these dislikes on a guy laughing at unruliness.

    If a leftist was doing this the right would be calling them snowflakes, crazy, etc. Etc.

  18. She look's like a mexican chica. Leave this United States👉!

  19. I dig the intent… But forced laughter is cringe af. I guess we are witnessing the lefts baby steps into the world of meme's. Maybe check out Sam Hyde if you want to learn how to properly pull off a forced laugh like a man.

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