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Greta Thunberg and a ballerina: World in Photos, Oct. 3

A look at the top photos from around the globe.


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  1. nice to see GRETA with TRUMP in the picture

  2. She starts enjoying life with her green environmental movement!! She is a good foxy girl and a pretty good scammer!!!

  3. Maybe this video will distract people from how left-wing the media are and the perverts that run it…

  4. Poor little Greta. BTW an excellent idea for a Hallowee'n costume that should scare the sh_t out of anybody.

  5. Poor little Greta. BTW an excellent idea for a Hallowee'n costume that should scare the sh_t out of anybody.

  6. Poor little Greta. BTW an excellent idea for a Hallowee'n costume that should scare the sh_t out of anybody.

  7. earths not dyin  stop your lyin    search tony heller to see why greta doesnt know

  8. Nice house. Mine is about to drop into the ocean.

  9. Well its time gretha visits Iraq I just have see there the demonstrations , she should have to explain to the demonstrator's that burning the tire is not good for our climate.

  10. This Greta girl scares me. This smells like a communist, Chinese, Soviet, hippie plot I tell you. First they're gonna make you wear seat belts for your "safety", then their gonna try to take away your cigarettes – you're not gonna be allowed to smoke in hospitals even! They're gonna let girls and ladies run around in pants, like BOYS. Men are gonna be wearing aprons and baking cookies while ladies go out and play sports and have careers. This is a foreign plot to take away your way of life as you know it!!!! America!!! Flag!!! Football!!!

  11. Glllleta is a sedish Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – flash in the pan because she's a cute girl with adult ideas…..well, AOC's are childish, so maybe AOC is on equal level as Gllleta.

  12. Greta wants a pair of balls and a jockstrap

  13. No one gives a rats ass about ABC news cause Bias !

  14. That's a nice house, a nice big house in fact… Lots of carbon causing materials in it. More than my small house….

    How does she heat it? Where can I get a carbon/lithium free mobile phone? How much co2 does her pig create?

    …How is she getting home?

  15. communist and their useful idiots.

  16. Greta is reinforcing white supremacy, controlling the weak people of colour to be the cash cows for the radical liberal elites.

  17. That pig is a greenhouse gas emitter. She better take that sucker out.

  18. i really feel bad for the poor thing   you know   the pig  lol lol lol   how dare you put this pig in front of me  the pig talkin again   lol  climate change lol lol lol

  19. Bianca ingrosso är antitesen till Greta Thunberg

  20. To everyone hating on Greta because she used a light… fuck you. Like literally. you are a piece of shit, and I will laugh at the fact that you will die before me. No hyperbole, just the wondrous fact of human mortality.

  21. Pig symbolic of Toolberg's followers? Globalist tool being used to entice the brainless into begging to be regulated and taxed to death, all to delay the inevitable collapse of the fiat currencies and fractional reserves. The young are easily manipulated. They will false flag her to further their agenda; probably have her beaten or killed and foist an "alt-right climate change denier" as a patsy.

  22. Greta is bitch she isn't liked Putin

  23. Greta Thunberg is an abomination. Her parents should be behind bars. WTH happened with Jeffrey Epstein and all the really important stuff? why the meaningless distractions to real world events? You're a news agency. How about something "news worthy"?

  24. Greta has a pig? Imagine how much that thing farts and emits CO2, HOW DARE YOU GRETA!

  25. She's weird AF. RESIDSNT EVIL BITCH

  26. He is above the universe has he left us.. it's expanding.. are we on our own… Now that we have the power to create..

  27. Far left manufactured "news."
    It's just sad to see them cling to this attempt to make this a thing.

  28. WHAT!!! She's a polluter! She should be living in the woods on birt! And eating greens!! Oh wait that would be killing the environment! WELLLLLL i guess she well just have to go without! and starve.

  29. People of the world 🌎 need to unite and make there word heard.

  30. Trump is right, what a happy looking little girl 👧🏻😂😂😂

  31. Lot of dislikes for this video. She seems pretty happy and content for a individual that was literally crying "How dare you destroy my dreams!" a few days ago.

  32. Bill Gates would benefit himself as a person that’s part of the collective if he’d just vigorously defend and support Greta

  33. Doesn't look like Greta had her childhood stolen.

  34. Europeans are soooo fucking weird…. she's fucking weird….. I guess it's better than admitting you have nothing to offer, fuck the left

  35. Unfuckingbelievable using this child to push the narrative of idiots

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