Sunday , March 29 2020
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Greta Thunberg Blasts World Leaders’ Inaction On Climate Change | NBC News

“I feel strange when I get applauded by people in power,” the Nobel Peace Prize nominee said, “because it’s obvious that it’s them I’m criticizing.”
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Greta Thunberg Blasts World Leaders’ Inaction On Climate Change | NBC News


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  1. Greta's internet presence would not even exist without the brains of the generation she despises.

  2. The problem is, EVERYone supports environmental steps, clean up etc…… but when time ( and reality) bursts the climate alarm bubble then NO-one is gonna ever again have faith in what the greens says, they will be a toxic brand. Then this lunacy will have cost us that trust.

  3. One more stupid person that points all the problems and Not a single word on Solution.

  4. hypocrites. republicans furious over a comment made yesterday about barron trump (that wasn't even a joke, talk about snowflakes) and here they are ripping Greta apart. Rules for thee not for me is the republican motto

  5. Greenland grew 20 Giga tons of ice during the voyage home. Co2 is plant food. Tax the air if they could. 🐩💨🌋

  6. Nice how’s she’s using the sail rather then the fuel reserves on the yacht! ⛽️ 🛥 ⛵️, Lol, how hypocritical can she get?

  7. a 16 years old tell us what to do with the world, she has even not finished her homework

  8. The climate is doing great. Carbon dioxide is plant food. The extra CO2 is making the world greener.

    If you want your child to know more about this, there's a book called, "The Children's Guide to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal."

  9. This is a great documentary from 1978. Most of the climate change people have never seen.

  10. Every monday and tuesday should be french fries day and free ice cream day. This is something worth fighting for.

  11. 👎👎👎👎💲💲💲💲💲💲

  12. Global warming
    Global climate disruption
    Climate change
    Global emergency
    What's this lie going to be called next?

  13. Tick tick tick
    Times almost up.
    Your 15 minutes is almost up

  14. Here we go again… Once again you see: The Climate Church.

  15. We can't stop it it's to late the earth is dead the only way we have a chance is to shut everything down I mean everything but they won't that's how sick they are they'd rather have all there money then life but God's coming to save us

  16. Did greta saw star wars? 0:12 I think people underestimating force of angry kids??? what force LOL

  17. Her parents are both actors and script everything.

  18. This spastic needs to be put back in school

  19. I'm appalled by the comments of those who are afraid of facing the truth and take it on a young girl who has the guts to say something about it…her agenda? like saving our planet for instance…technically she is just trying to raise awareness…what do you guys fear? why are you so afraid? embrace the fear…fight for your children, and the next generations to come, we cannot just think about ourselves…now…that is narcissistic…

  20. Is she staying out of school her whole life?

  21. I've been angry for 45 years, I decided not enter the breeding cycle, I've worked on saving the planet, but people just kept pumping out little miracles.

  22. Someone should show her ( rise up with risey ) and ( samuel hofman) video, maybe she will wake up. Pole shift/reversal in 4 to 7 years.

  23. “The Skeptical Environmentalist”
    A book that debunks all the leftist hysteria….

  24. This internet world is a joke.
    I have to stop watching nonsense like this.

  25. Amazing how many idiots here have time to criticize but they won't spend a single moment to learn real science and the urgency of this situation This is NOT A DEBATE. It is a fact. This is the information age. Learn.

  26. Oh no, is the paid climate activist actress throwing another fit, quick get a camera.

  27. Greta has a problem .. that is immature

  28. Pathetic kid, She loves the attention. Her life has no meaning and her future looks very hopeless so she has become an actress. It's all about the money people.

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