Grifter Nation | Meet the Press Reports

The art of the con evolves with the internet providing new opportunities for scammers and grifters.

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  1. Trump is a Grifter, no doubt!

  2. Dont let George Santos get GOVERNMENT BENNETTS! thats the reason he got involved in government!!! We have to make sure he gets convicted and does not get ANY governmen BENNETTS before he gets 1 term in office!!!

  3. They should of had Ron Paul on, he was in the belly of the beast for decades. He is the only honest politician that i have known in 60 years

  4. Great reporting Chuck. That was a bit of priceless information.

  5. 😏 I would like to vote for 🌺Taylor Swift🌺 if she ever runs for office because she's honest, compassionate, non-greedy, and smarter than these business and political biggies who asked SBFried the right questions and never touched him or FTX, Binance, etc.

  6. Our government seems to be the wealth of misinformation and fraud. Let's clean house!!! Literally!!!!

  7. Finally your talking about things that have meaning👍

  8. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. Searching for the truth is not easy, but we should never refrain from trying.

  9. we do love grifters..that explains trump's popularity !

  10. Enron executive's, Barry Minkiow, Charles Keating, Sam Pierce, Frank Lorenzo, what is new ?

  11. That psychologist/poker player seems to have just described every, single, solitary person working in our mainstream media to a tee!! Wow!! What she described is precisely what they do to each of us in our "mainstream" media and have for decades. Very enlightening interview and broadcast here! Thanks!

  12. i see MSNBC still needs to focus on Trump to get a few views and the clownery continues as Biden falls on his face . . again and again

  13. Billion dollar solar business who scam warreb buffet

  14. Why do I feel that Scaramucci has learned and changed for the better?

  15. Trump trump Trumpery Trump.. Geez you guys. I try to watch but..

  16. Thank you Chuck —
    for getting to the heart
    of our problems!

  17. This Topic deserves an in-depth multi-part Series.
    Are you iistening Frontline, Ken Burns, et al?!!

  18. Clinton Foundation, Biden family 20 bank accounts, Al Gore…..

  19. That whole Global Warming thing was a hoot…!

  20. Jessica Pressler – You are a very good journalist. Please drop the fake vocal fry. You don't need it. You be you. That is more than great.

  21. Holmes should be charged with depraved indifference for screwing with patients blood results. There's a number of folks that had false positives, and worse false negatives, from her fraudulent tests. However, it seems like patients lives are less important than rich people's money.

  22. Chuck leaving 😊 Tucker Fired 😊 YES YES YES How Sweet it is !!

  23. all those coins are a one massive ponzi scheme
    no one at the top gets rich until and unless others put money into that pyramid – and if that top person takes the profit, everyone else looses money.. tell me this is not what the basic of ponzi scheme is 😆

    stocks make more sense because there's business behind them – so even if someone at the top takes profit, and makes all other loose money, you still own a piece of the business, and if the product make sense, you will still earn (dividend, or business makes good profit, and people buy into the stock).. while with coins, all you can do is wait for others to pour in more money to recover

  24. Very informational and kinda intriguing to watch. Enjoyed this report very much.