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'Growing up, that was the only Baggy Green I wanted to wear' | Toyota Good for Cricket

Allrounder Sophie Molineux talks to teammate Beth Mooney about the special place West Bairnsdale Cricket Club holds in her heart and why initiatives like the Toyota Good for Cricket raffle are so important for the health of the game


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  1. What a great story. Wonderful to see young ladies coming out of the country regions like so many of our good men's players have in the past. Well done girls.
    It's a shame to see so many schoolboys posting their mindless comments on a completely irrelevant site….absolute fools.

  2. Sounds like an amazing club! Such a great story

  3. To The Early Squad Reading this: Sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who need it always stay safe read my name💝

  4. Jethalal is here only for more no of subscriber

  5. Prediction : Aus 300 all out
    Target is of 330 runs for India 🤔

  6. My mother is not having any job"
    "I want to do something for my mother"
    "But youtube is not giving me views"
    "Ya i am worse than others'

  7. Who are all here after Steve Smith wicket 🔥🔥

  8. Shardul + Sundar = Shandar 💪💪

  9. 2018 : " No Warner, No Smith thats why Australia couldn't win "
    2020 : Warner in, Smith in but Kohli out, Ishant out, Bhuvi out, Rahul out, Shami out, Umesh out, and Ashwin, Pant, Jadeja, Vihari, Bumrah injured. Still Australia can't perform well in Australia
    Love this Indian Team 😍❤

  10. 2:22, we have missed that kind of athleticism many times in this series. 😞

  11. Nice piece on a wonderful cricketer. Bairnsdale CC looks like a great country club, I hope they can get the funds to renovate their nets.

  12. Please give me a chance to bowl against CA players

  13. True fact Sophie moved out of a house and than my brother Mitchell Davey moved in

  14. Guys, there can’t be 50 people that are first

  15. Nobody:
    Me after seeing a comment with many likes
    Me-Why didn't I write that

  16. 531st 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. He is one of greatest player I had ever seen

  18. i wish it was for hills barbarians cricket club

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