Gunman kills 7 in Germany after opening fire at church l GMA

Seven people have been killed and dozens injured after a mass shooting at a Jehovah’s Witness center in northern Germany. Police say the gunman, who took his own life at the scene, acted. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: http://abcn. ws/3bzvQQn #news #germany #worldnews #church #hamburg #abcnews

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. As soon as I see Strahan, I change the channel. With all his money, you think he would get his teeth fixed. How embarrassing for ABC

  2. 💔😢😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 so devastated for them and their families so sorry condolences 😔😔

  3. 😯😯😯😯waoooo

  4. Love to you, Germany, from USA. 😢❤

  5. The way people's lives are going nobody believes in the church anymore or cares.

  6. What?! I live in Germany but i haven’t heard of this until this popped up in my subscription box

  7. Jehovah are very racist

  8. The cruel punishment of “shunning” by this religion might have cost this tragedy. “Shunning — known as disfellowship among Jehovah's Witness — is a punishment implemented by a panel of elders and calls on all other members of the congregation to reject the person both socially and emotionally, even if they are a family member.”

    The following video of ex-Jehovah Witnesses might explain why this tragedy happened.

  9. People are sick these days now more than ever

  10. What’s happened to the brains of humans?

  11. Instead of “gunman” shouldn’t we say “gun person” ? After all we don’t know what this person identifies as, and don’t know their preferred pronouns. Perhaps “gun shooting carbon based life form” is appropriate.

  12. Very sad to hear that 7 people have lost their lives, Very sad that the JW CULT is responsible for having killed hundreds of innocent people because of saying NO to vital blood transfusion request. False doctrines take priority over common sense when it comes to this CULT.

  13. It’s not a church!!!!! It’s a meeting hall from a sect!!! Get your journalism right…

  14. My sympathies and love to the community and families!

  15. Just proof that the Germans are still the blood thirsty psychopaths they've always been.

  16. Germany suchs Indian way better. We can defeat you easily if you don't ally with other nations

  17. Gee, I wonder who could have done such a thing ? You let them in.

  18. God bless those people in that church in Germany.

  19. After being baptized by john the baptist jesus was tempted by the devil after 40 days and nights of fasting in the judean desert at the time satan came to jesus and tried to tempt him. Jesus having refused each temptation satan then departed and jesus returned to begin his ministy.

  20. Well he was excommunicated so I guess he lost his mind. Praying for everyone that’s been affected such a sad situation.

  21. all these religious cults just make people really crazy telling them myth stories that never happen!!!!!

  22. Rest in peace to the victims.condoulence to thee families.

  23. It was Hitler now this😔

  24. More on this horrible incident.
    The gunmen was a former member of that private church.
    The gunmen just recently become legal owner of a firearm.
    Still the police received a anonymous but credible concern that the person was unstable and in a disgruntled and left the private church in bad terms.

  25. Gunman🤣🤣😂🤣😅😅🤣😂

  26. Who knows what was done to this man.

  27. Didn't the church ever taught the gunman ''Thou shall not kill''?

  28. Terrible. At least he's dead. Why is it not terrorism? What happened? R.I.P. 💐 🕯 🌷 🌹 🥀.


  30. This is because we don’t lock up the crazy people anymore or hospitals to get them help or if they can’t be helped protect the public

  31. And they say this only happens in the USA

  32. The gunman must’ve been raised in the US.

  33. Wolf 🐺 will creeping among the sheep's.and will not spears. Christians Bible prophecies pray for the church do not say anything negative against the church. this is satan planned to slander God almight and the angels and church of God repent

  34. Wolf 🐺 will creeping among the sheep 🐑 Christians the devil want to disgrace Christians. this man is not a Christian. Look at the church today homesexual murderer all kinds of unrepentant heart whom think they can continue to live sinful life and do not repent. Christians be warned. Wolf 🐺 is coming satan works