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Gunman Kills 8 And Injures At Least 4 Others At FedEx Facility | NBC Nightly News

Authorities have identified a former FedEx employee as the man who used a rifle to open fire at a FedEx facility at 11:00 PM on Thursday night in Indianapolis. He shot and killed 8 people and injured at least four others before taking his own life, police say.
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Gunman Kills 8 And Injures At Least 4 Others At FedEx Facility | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Guess the country: 147 mass shootings in 106 days! Racism, Asian bashing, School shootings, Invasions, Riots, Stupidity, Lies & QANON.

    Mass shootings in US are a ‘National Embarrassment’ – J.Biden.

  2. Where is trump's voice on this mess? Why doesn't he encourage unity in America? His supporters are barbaric, uncivilized Neanderthals.

  3. I bet he was just having a hard day.

  4. Where is his picture at? He must be white. Typical

  5. Why must family members identify their loved one with DNA, Dental Records?

  6. Oh My Goodness Such Sad Situation,,, We Need Change Our Attitudes.

  7. I don't blame shooter, i blame USA for allow market of guns In the country which kind freedom is that where people every day dying in shooting. Pass law everyone to hand over guns to police or army but not civilians.

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  9. 4 years Trump no mass shooting 4 months biden one month average. Someone needs to stop the dem gov from killing innocent people for their agenda. It doesn't help how excited the news gets everytime this happens. You can literally see the excitement not sorrow on their faces. Your gross excuse for people

  10. Welcome to Biden's America…

  11. Now they are evicting every one what do you think is going to happen next no place to go nothing to eat this is going to start happening every day and no one is trying to stop it!!!

  12. So terrible, why are there so many shootings when dems are trying to take guns, makes me wonder

  13. Why hide his identity? He killed and injured people he is dead. Why cover still

  14. Protest this you dumb blm At least you know they are innocent unlike that criminal who ran from the cops and George Floyd

  15. Here we go again, christian woke jihadist. 😆

  16. After Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas and y'all still don't want this to be normal? There's no "reaction" anymore.
    It happens
    It's reported
    It happens
    It's reported
    Nothing happens
    It happens
    it's reported
    It happens…
    And y'all want the world to think Americans aren't crazy! 👌

  17. Funny how we had a solid year without hearing about mass shootings… right up until Biden decided guns were bad. Now it’s daily again… that’s called PROPAGANDA!!!

  18. Did he take a vaccine? If so which one? Many reporting vivid dreams after the vaccine. Imagine what schizophrenic people are dreaming. Scary.

  19. Is it just me or do these mass shootings NOT happen when a republican is president?

  20. Americans believe to solve gun problem is to have more & more guns, SMH.

  21. Loony possessing a gun is truly a deadly combination.

  22. Republicans & conservatives would rather americans live in fear rather than erradicate legal and illegal guns

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