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Gym Stereotypes Comedy | 7 STYLES OF FITNESS

Bodybuilding. Yoga. Crossfit. Powerlifting. Parkour. MMA. Pilates. These are the 7 Styles of Fitness. WHAT’S YOUR STYLE?

This video is our largest to date and wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome cast and crew involved. We hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share & remember to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Big thanks to the dudes at GEARMARK for helping with the production of this video! Check em out here:

JUZO YOSHIDA (The Master):

TRAVIS WONG (The Student):

SAM: (Parkour Style)

WHITNEY: (Yoga Style)


Special thanks to our Patreon supporter Logan Vibbert and Rob Uncapher!



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  1. Absolutely hilarious. One of most impressive YouTube videos I've seen

  2. Awesome, you guys are brilliant, top tier stuff!!

  3. You forgot Calisthenics buff dudes

  4. Was the power lifter Braun Stroman?

  5. It's been almost 4 years and I'm still waiting for a part 2.

  6. RIP to my oly lifting bros

  7. Breathing exercises are related to Chinese Qi Gong exercises so maybe Pilates must be related I guess?

  8. Calisthenics Style !!! 💪😏

  9. mma, body building, power lifting, and parkour is all within me

  10. Sorry, but till date it been one of yours best video.

  11. Style: Naruto Run

    Strength – Move faster than bullets. Fastest way to move without compromising stealth. Has meme value.
    Weakness – Reinforced virginity!

    (It's only a joke guys!)

  12. To this day this is still one of my favorite YouTube videos. Period. 😂👏

  13. i dont even know but i laughed 😀

  14. Funniest shit ever. Lmao😅

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