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Gyms, fitness studios set to close during COVID-19 'freeze'

Local gym owners are concerned about their clients and the future of business.


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  1. Once the Gyms were allowed to reopen after the first shuttering I immediately noticed they were largely still empty do to the self imposed absence of the Age 60+ Crowd. Everyone has to wear a mask and is expected to sanitize most equipment before and after its use. Social Distancing + No Showers or Locker Use Permitted. So where is the terrible risk of infection?

  2. Shut down small businesses but meanwhile you can fly here from anywhere in the country to go to your 100 person church gatherings.

  3. Legalize Meth, cocaine and weed, But Lets close down Gyms, the one Place People Can Boost there immune systems and Work out to keep sane and keep healthy, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR GOVERNOR OREGON???? oh wait, I live In California . WE HAVE THE SAME HITLER EVIL MOFO Dictating How we should Live our Lives. HOW DO WE ERADICATE THESE RENT- A -DICTATORS out of our States?????? is what i want to know.

  4. Fuck this governor. Get her out of there. She’s destroying Oregon.

  5. Exercise raises your immunity. This is not about health and safety. It's fear porn and is about control.

  6. Welcome to a mix of Idiocracy and Zombieland. Shameful. Liquor Stores OK, gyms bad.

  7. This is authoritarian oppression

  8. The empress has spoken! Don’t you peasants dare question her orders!

  9. "Central Planning" is so alluring to power hunger governments.

  10. (503) 846-8390 is the compliance hotline.

  11. Your telling me what , shut the fuck up

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