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Hailie Deegan and father Brian Deegan on social media, crashes, Bristol | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

Hailie and Brian Deegan talk about the dangers of racing and motocross, social media, and Bristol.

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Hailie Deegan and father Brian Deegan on social media, crashes, Bristol | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

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  1. Good interview. Hopefully she learns to slow down a little when she talks. I've seen a lot of people make the same comments about her and they're not wrong.

  2. She seems fantastic and if she has the time to perfect her craft then she will be a very marketable star. Attractive, great personality, and talent but the vultures rush her she will be the next Danica. But I have a feeling her dad will steer her correctly.


  4. So very hart warming story's. You share & good times.

  5. Good to see a lady behind the wheel of a car in NASCAR… She is a Strong young woman who is going places In the world of racing ….good luck !!!

  6. I needed this laugh! The older generation, Harvick, BUSCH!!! Thanks sooo much. Love you BOTH!

  7. That's a strange looking kitchen

  8. I’m not a nascar fan, I do like the Earnhardt’s because I’m NC. I’m a Brian Deegan fan and now a Hailie Deegan fan too.

  9. Come on she is way overrated . But she does have the low IQ mentality that is needed ..

  10. Been goin to races for years, and I can tell you fancy haulers don’t win races lol

  11. Fontana with high banking and no restrictor plates 😜😈

  12. Hailie is not just going to be a great woman racer. She is going to be a great racer even in nascar just because she has that enter feeling of racing. She fully understands racing. I cant wait until her next race

  13. Every time I hear her say somethin' new, it just reinforces why she's EXACTLY what the sport needs.
    She says somethin', STANDS on it, and then backs it up.

  14. Brian is a class act. He and his kids are amazing.

  15. Shes Danica 2.0 all this press cause shes good looking. Theres K&N drivers that are better than her but get 0:press cause they are not good looking 18 year old girls.

  16. I cant believe people think she has a future in NASCAR.

  17. Wish she would jump in the 43 for the king he needs a real driver

  18. Where would she be without her dads money? I hope she goes to college. NASCAR is going downhill very fast now.

  19. She is getting too much press as a K&N driver.

  20. Michael you couldn't go wrong with Hailie on your podcast, really enjoyed it. Audio needs some work volume a little low and a bit flat. Brian to far away from the microphone. You will get it sorted out and I will follow and look forward to new podcasts.

  21. I have never been to a Top Fuel Drag race, but I learned on Jooow Tooob that they let the Fans into the Pits just like they do in AMA Flat Track

  22. NASCAR Moonshiners and Truckers in the Early Days ..

  23. She's racing way above her skill level. The only reason she is as far as she is, her looks

  24. What a great interview. Michael with his personality and Hailie and her energy. Thank you

  25. This family is out of control and it won't end well.

  26. I feel like dirty old man . she is such a good looking young lady. And full of confidence

  27. Wow now that makes you want to follow a podcast Great interview, haven't seen one better. See you Hailey at the Top. 👍 🏁

  28. This young lady, racer I should say… is going to be great.! Not for just a girl racer!!! But for a race car driver! She compares to any of the racers coming up today!!! I’m a fan!!!!

  29. Great show. Just got work on those mic levels because they are all I've the place.

  30. Micky it comes out on my bday sep 12

  31. she walks, talks, and races just like DANICA!

  32. shes doing this only because of her dad …. shes not good at all … she's just able to do it because of dad … deegan is about motocross … since she cant ride dirtbikes , she is going in a dying sports …..

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