Thursday , December 2 2021
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Haiti Gang Leader Threatens To Shoot 17 Hostages If Demands Aren't Met

Most of the 17 missionaries being held hostage in Haiti are American. The gang leader is demanding $1 million for each captive. NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez has more.
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  1. There has been earthquakes in Haiti b4 and there will be again, the earth will open up its mouth and swallow up the guns and bullets of those gangs, lightning bolts will hit the guns and bullets, the arms, hands, legs and feet of the gangs

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  3. was haiti this bad last year? lgb!

  4. Haiti needs some firm intervention (fire power) to support and protect the innocent people. Humanity on a global measure is required to sustain civility and regrowth. Nice move Trump, your lame leadership contributed to even more lifes lost in addition to all those by COVID-19 in the USA. Eat your KFC you greasy snake… TikTok whan will your heart stop? Trump is so, so self-destructive the more smart people start to take humain control of his brutal mess.

  5. If they shoot even one it will cause repercussions that I don’t think that country is ready for!!! They thought being horsewhipped crossing the Texas border (illegally) from Mexico was bad…. Lol, I think they forgot what America is. And they’re not paying attention!

  6. Hey it's ok if he kills them .. according to Christianity he can just accept Jesus and be forgiven of all his sins..what a B.S scam.

  7. Christianity has destroyed cultures across the globe for centuries..karma is a b*tch

  8. PlZ free these good people that came willingly to aid Haitians

  9. I was five when I learned that the easter bunny wasn't real. The best tragic moment of my life for when I was sent to church, I didn't buy into the deadliest fairytale running.

  10. Ransom are never paid . they will repeat it again.
    Best is to stay out of this country
    Or enter at your own risk.

  11. I think we are saying we was the president jovenel moise had the gang group same of them in the Gouverment killed the president what about now who's the gang group belongs to? To the dead body.These people in that Gouverment think everybody is Tham they're the one who has sens the gang group belongs to them in the Gouverment .When Andre Michel arrives at New York or Washington DC anly one thing to be discussed with them is the missionary the 400 mawozo kidnaps for him answers this question. Haiti doesn't have C.A.P problem with have problem with this Missionary that group of gang the Gouverment make to collect money for them and we need to have the Election to help Haitien people have the right Gouverment on their own choices. Not from Andre Michel in Ariel Anry choices.

  12. Humans are no longer loving one another. Those with no future and hope have nothing to lose. Don't stand in the way of hope and a person's future and you will not have this type of stuff. Be a good neighbor to all. Lend a hand. Money and power is not everything. Only the greedy profit from this.

  13. Do it, please stop these Christian groups that act like they can go around the world spreading their hate. So tired of missionaries and their brand of Christianity.

  14. how about Christian aide pay for the release instead of the taxpayer time to hold the church accountble

  15. Send the us force to help please

  16. we need to send in Denzel Washington to take them out one by one

  17. Diversion diversion diversion diversion psyop… Focus on important things people. Not staged events

  18. All the U.S got to do is send a small hand full of troops..shld send them asap!

  19. NBC treating this like a US state. That's a foreign country.

  20. Never forget that a long history of American colonization, CIA destabilization campaigns and corporate interference, corruption and exploitation has created much of the suffering Haiti is now experiencing. The crisis is truly "Made In America"!

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