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The U.S. job market exceeds expectations despite the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, the January 6 committee deliberates on its next steps ahead of the release of its final report, and new data shows that Twitter hate speech surged after Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. 

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  1. No one going to even mention #twitter ? Dead silence? Really? Cowards.

  2. Sounds like the police shooting falls along the same lines of when law enforcement uses the pretense of saying
    "Stop resisting!" as the individual is brutalized when there is obviously no resistance at all.
    Things that make you say…….

  3. Hello halle..Engineer joe

  4. Good reporting, but does anyone else find the dinky soundfx annoying?

  5. Hallie, please stop interrupting.

  6. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 12days

  7. You are absolutely amazing Hallie Jackson. Thank you
    . Aloha from the big Island of Hawaii.

  8. The only thing that went up in wages was minimum wage in certain states. Wages have not increased by that much. I'm a certified welder I know you can lie to some of the people but you can't lie to all the people. But I understand that doesn't meet your narrative your trying to project.

  9. What is up with these irritating Hallie pop ups every few secs ???

  10. I hate those beeps that introduce new topics all the time. Goodbye Hallie.

  11. What about hate speech toward s African Americans but anybody says anything about Jewish community it’s a sin… This country is full of bs…

  12. Isn't the Biggest Story,,, Elon Tells how "Twitter Interfered in the 2020 Election, by Blocking the Hunter Biden Laptop Story" ???

  13. Hallie Jackson is awesome

  14. Hallie "excuse this": Antony Blinken was sure about defeating Iran's Football team in the match, and today Saturday the 3rd of Dec 2022 he is not revealing any certainty about defeating Netherlands' team. Even though America has given the news about B21 Magic bomber yesterday!

  15. AND,I Remember to all the people who like to pray , when you pray must pray for peace in Jerusalén bless.If you do that ,you Will have peace in your home.I am not say that because I want to say that,not It Is because God said this in Salmo.122.God bless you all as a whole.Have a nice weekend for everybody and I Will finish to listen to you Hallie Jackson because now it Is too late for me.

  16. 2nd Amendment is NOT for people of COLOR . . . Licensed, Lawful or NOT

  17. DROP THE💥💥💥💥💥 GUN !!!
    Is how they do us in New York . . .

  18. Day 39: Elon turned Twitter into Hate Central.

  19. It's the greed of the corporations to gain profits off a good administration

  20. RIP dude who got shot protecting his house. You could tell there was a pistol shot not a rifle shot. Hello.

  21. Where is Al Sharpton? Oh that wasn’t a African American boy!

  22. Alex Jones need to be given a microphone and a Jail cell only make sure the microphone stays cold not HOT! That’s HIS CRIME IS TALKING LIES! TAKE AWAY THE HOT MICROPHONE AND REPLACE IT WITH A COLD JAIL CELL!

  23. The military needs to convert to Christianity! Love ❤️


  25. USWA TRIED TO GET PAID SICK DAYS AND 80 years later no sick days but if you do get sick your allowed a vacation day off and then they reduce your vacation time by the sick days off.

  26. Amazon runs endless commercials for Amazon supporters.


  28. Hate? Why waste time? Haters burn 🔥 Lovers learn! Haters burn 🔥 LOVERS LEARN HOW MUCH GOD LOVES THEM!😅

  29. Trump was 100% correct when he said the MSM and Big Tech including MSNBC are the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE..U-tube and Google are next to be exposed just like Twitter got caught..Well done Musk exposing these CRIMINALS..The STOLEN ELECTION will be next to be revealed …Silencing Trump Supporters will never work..

  30. We.re been inundated from people complaning and, listener,s.#snapfu

  31. NH law requiored First Primary a week before any similar vote .

  32. Blame trump for feeding them all Natzy soop all biggots ! IMO

  33. It's the weekend . My news FAMILY, no cap but, ALL CAPITAL.S. Amen Amendment… #haliejackson

  34. The Simple way to stabilize a fair economic market is to concentrate on the supply chain by giving r incentive for businesses that redirect manufacturing back to America. Then grant temporary labor visas to migrants. The smarter way to control immigration is to change the policy of automatic citizenship to children burn lyou give birth in America, they do not automatically get citizenship if the parents are not legal in the country. The child can get right of abode until age 25. The British did something similar some 30-plus years ago.

  35. Ye and Musk, freedom of creepx.