Wednesday , August 10 2022

Hallie Jackson NOW – June 21 | NBC News NOW

A Texas official calls the police response to the Uvalde school shooting an “abject failure,” the State Department says a second U.S. citizen has been killed in Ukraine combat, and Chevron calls for a constructive conversation about gas prices.

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  3. everybody threatened by trump should sue him

  4. Please everyone report this as abuse, we will not go silent into the night

  5. They are done lord all right and shame on you fake news

  6. Y'all still believe in old crusty white men?

  7. Why are we surprised at the ugly behavior of politicians when the system we are under does not regard truthfulness, trustworthiness & integrity as supreme values? Doesn’t it allow the pursuit of power by any means necessary?

  8. More questions yes. How would anyone know the door was unlocked? The media doesn’t even answer this next question for us. Is that part of the problem? They’re feeding us bs that is shoveled to them without saying wait…how is that?

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  11. She is Griner's 2nd "wife". Griner divorced the 1st one after the wife gave birth to their twins; via in vitro fertilization. Cheryl Griner abandoned her and refused to pay child support; as reported by 1st wife. I don't feel sorry for anyone who breaks a country's laws and suffers the consequences. The USA would have less crime/repeat offenders if they enforced the law/consequences.

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  13. Its good to see our country's still has so many strong looking pilots I'd be willing to pay a little bit more plus I always wanted to date a pilots daughter 😊

  14. So as to this bill I think it was like prop 42 but as far as the country's senators and there investigation and the bill passed on cyber diplomacy and as to the ability of county sheriffs,etc to monitor and follow persons internet activity as well as this country's militarys ability to do the same and the ongoing monitoring of communications about guns,gun perchious and gun use its really unfair to the American people and the American youth that people and those are making actual treats towards killing them i think this senators bill needs to be expounded on fully too includee the untimely death of Elijah Cummings, Colin Powell, Benny napoleon and a host of other i feel this needs to be done by our senate too exsplane…too the American people.

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  16. I love Hallie Jackson NOW. You are exactly the type of no nonsense, sensible journalism that my generation needs. You are a wonderful example of how an intelligent woman communicates. I love hearing the news from you and love the format of this streaming newscast. All the other sensible experts that Hallie converses with that reports on the different topics, just adds so much. There is a calm, casual but intelligent aura that the show emanates. I enjoy watching. Thank you, NBC.

  17. 💋 love ❤️ watching 👀 ♥️ you 💘 easy on the 👀s 💋 talking 👄 😀 with your ❤️ 💙 💜 hands ✋️ 😀 great 👍 news 👍 topics thank 😊 you 💘 Mac

  18. Good Guys with Guns stood by and listened to the slaughter just a few feet away!!! POS 💩 cowards!! Fire them!!

  19. All this and none of them have ever heard the word from God's own mouth, maybe from the Evangelicals New God …The Chosen One they call: Trumpy Doodle Puss Sore! Teaching religion in schools is like telling them Santa Claus is real…LOL!!! OMG! The only thing these godam religious schools will teach is how to be a, "Right Wing Cultist For Trump"!

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  30. I suspect that a gas tax holiday will result in a 3 cent reduction at the pump and 15 cents more profit per gallon at the board room holiday party. 🤔

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  34. Where’s that disgraceful Greg Abbott & Ted Cruz now the truth is out they refused to listened Beto O’Rourke hiding behind political rhetoric doing nothings

  35. Trump needs constant reminders that, when it comes to draining a swamp, leaks are a good thing.

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  40. The school police chief should slither out of town like the cowardly snake he is, never to be seen again. Also, must resign from city council. He is absolutely responsible for all those deaths, all due to his cowardace. Should have NEVER gone into law enforcement.

  41. Uh wardrobe, cleanup on aisle 7.