Hamas’ actions are as brutal as you can imagine: GOP lawmaker

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., reveals how the United States should respond to the Israel-Hamas war on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. This government doesn’t care about the things that this government needs now it’s great to want to help and understand other governments, but our house is falling apart, due to this lack of judgment with these fools that were voted in, I suppose. Big change soon I believe. Secure the border. Those lefties are gonna go nuts. If something bad happens, they would be the ones Climbing crying and clawing their way out. We need people running the government that actually care about the PEOPLE and they’re not here to make money. Maybe they already have their own money? This is been a nightmare us last few years, and I hope the people Have seen enough of this Buffoonery

  2. YouTube censors any mention of their atrocities.

  3. More propaganda from your Bosses hey? You just cannot state honest fact. America and Israel you are the 'World's Biggest Liar' barre none!

  4. why not stipulations to aid for Ukraine. we have NO IDEA where all the $$$ went . this is ridiculous tax payers money going to another country's border but both of America's borders wide open , it's maddening. Israel is our allies , Ukraine is not . no peace talks for Ukraine? no cease fire all in but our allies hey pump the brakes let's make a deal . R.Q. why are they not accountable where $$$ is going , just restrict our allies it's b.s. SHUT OUR BORDER NOW !!!!!

  5. The Hell With Ukraine. No More Tax Dollars to Ukraine!!!

  6. Israel needs to fulfill the privacy of the Old Testament, the book of Zephaniah, particularly Verses 2:4-6.

  7. But how about the babies that died in Gaza hospitals? How many of them died? and are they in anyway connected to Hamas?

  8. Great call Sen Schmitt…


  10. The story that she should share should be that the reason the little girl was released first was because her aunt -Liz Hirsh Naftali is a big democratic donor and one who bought an artwork from the son of the nation’s commander in chief for $1.3 million. (In complete conflict of interest), Joe appointed her to serve on a prestigious U.S. preservation Commission . I’m very happy that the girl was freed though, and may God help her live a happy life!

  11. But u don't know thier i.d
    Even thift in store u still can not catch every year
    Stop bark

  12. How many Americans been released,

  13. How in the hell do you mic manage a war

  14. How are those med beds coming on fantastic island paradise for Colbert and Kissinger. I know jag is upset only 90 years in Africa funds for the who.

  15. Barf. This guy doesn't get it. Hamas-Israel is local, Russo-Ukraine is civilizational. One is a gang fight, the other is about mankind's future.

  16. Religion of Peace or pieces.

  17. Us government can't even deal with American issues why the heck would they think anything they try to dictate would be taken seriously? Isreal needs to do what they can to defend themselves .

  18. 😊If you are looking for something exaggerated, I did not see Palestinians destroying hospitals, mosques, schools, churches that had people in them, but the Israelis did.!

  19. 😂If you are looking for something exaggerated, I did not see Palestinians destroying hospitals, mosques, schools, churches that had people in them, but the Israelis did.!

  20. Ukraine has had to much $$ from the USA, with no accountability for the billions given to them! NO MORE MONEY FOR UKRAINE!!

  21. Israel was funding Hamas not that long ago.

  22. Many may find it interesting that Israel is not biblical Israel, but a corporate facade under the same name.


  24. Finally, the speaker of the house is moving.
    Forward. Where the last speaker of the house left off The agendas.

  25. Joe Magoo willcut and run. He's a weak rat.

  26. Why Democrats want to send extra $ 60 Billion to the corrupt Billionaires of Ukraine, which traduces in the annihilation of hundreds of thousents of innocent civilians.
    That book is on the head of Clinton, Biden, and Obama😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 7:38