Hamas just ‘flipped the script’ on Israel, expert says

Former Trump deputy national security adviser KT McFarland discusses whether Israel is winning its war against Hamas on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Is all in the game , be careful?

  2. Fox news loves religiously israel, even more than the Usa

  3. They’re eradicating more than just Hamas

  4. Biden where biden come from is he the biggest idiot that walking the face of the earth

  5. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without hesitating then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  6. 😂😂😂Military IDF won??Those IDF soldiers on the ground say just that..

    Footage shows those IDF soldiers don't want to even be there..

    Militarily, IDF won't go into tunnels or freed hostages through fighting..Air, land&Sea could not go bellow ground..Tanks&All😅😅

    Didn't capture any Hamas ? Where hq under hospital and Church?
    Maybe next time..

    Looks on those young IDF soldiers when pm&defense minister's visit, priceless..Soo many had to be blurred..

    Info war IDF lost..Releasing hostages..Totally IDF loss..Terrorists Resistance Is Too hospitable..😅😅

  7. Yes, Israel is being played to stretch out a moronic ceasefire, giving hamas time to re-group, re-arm, and hide across gaza and the mideast.

  8. There’s no car bombers you hypocrite stop fake propaganda the people been occupied for 75 years asking the us please give us our freedom but the keep delaying until more people die what about live free or die trying

  9. Administrative detention is the term Israel uses to imprison Palestinians for years without charge or trial

  10. And let me add…I was losing hope in humanity…. BUT listing to this interview CLEARLY their a'r a few (VERY FEW THOUGH) people left in the world that still have the ability to THINK!

    VERY good Interview that is full of "sence talk" THANKS!

  11. Perfectly said….. To be honest…. This was my EXACT words last week it wrote on youtube… They will "ride this Chevy as long as they can"

  12. McFarland is always Spot On. She has a high intellect and rational

  13. You could say on some people or maybe even most. Not all. All hostages or none! Israel caved to the deep state.

  14. Israel is NOT here for popularity contest, or approval from any nations. Globally speaking, quit telling Israeli what to do! Let Israel alone, they can fight their own battle against Hamas. Biden plz be a good Samaritan; NOTHING else.

  15. President Biden has enriched Iran, and Iran has enriched Joe Biden! I wonder what his Kickback fees were? 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  16. This will never happen, Do you forget who your president is?????👵👴👵👴

  17. These dems are killing this country. 🤮🐓🤮🖕

  18. Just rapists that hide there f🤮gasses behind masks cause they all punks. Ridiculous.🖕U.

  19. Let the releases hostages speak out if it’s true what Israel said about hamas.