Saturday , May 15 2021
Home / News / Harris would learn crisis is due to Biden policy if she just went to border: Senator

Harris would learn crisis is due to Biden policy if she just went to border: Senator

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., on the border crisis, the filibuster and the left’s efforts to expand the Supreme Court. #FOXBusiness

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  2. Watch them get their 13 Justices and you people do absolutely nothing about it…ridiculous.

  3. “Oh yeah, it’s less hot, less huracanes. Let’s risks our lives and jump the border for a better climate” …. Lol?
    I’m sure it’s climate change. Ridiculous.

  4. The people crossing evennsaidntheybwere because biden president now and not trump and that's why they are coming now

  5. Country wide mass protests calling for bumbling Biden’s administration step down , new elections, will Pelosi turn troops on protesters, or will bumbling Biden’s administration step down?

  6. Christian lawyers make the best lawyers hahaha

  7. The senator is talking like he cares about who he represents. Since when? Where were you months ago?

  8. The only thing Kamala has done is laugh all the way to the bank..smh..

  9. We're watching everything the majority of us the other part is worried about the race card and all the voting ID problems that they seem to makeup and their heads

  10. If someone would look it up I think I saw somewhere that you can overturn an executive order it takes a percentage of votes and I don't know if it's from the house or the Senate I don't know I have to go back and look at it but this Administration they need to really go they've done so much damage to everybody

  11. O she knows she don't care .She's sorry as he'll. That's Pamela for you needs to be kicked out. Cuz she is not for Americans Sad but Ture .

  12. The Supreme Court should not been to such buffoonery from where I stand Democrats are losing ground really quick because of the Antics that are being done from the White House in less than 3 months the American people aren't stupid the majority of them

  13. They will do it without us knowing it! They are DICTATORS! WAKE ⬆️

  14. No point in the grim reaper going to border when in fact AOC calls the shots

  15. I read someone's post saying they are turning this country communist…they already turned this country communist they just call it "(re) imagining".

  16. This is what true politicians do. Make appointments to have meetings to form study groups ets. In other words ..nothing. She might have to study the
    " root causes" as she's clueless but let me give her a hint. Poor people from violence ridden countries where wages are 5$ a day and who are in proximity to a relatively rich country with ( relatively) high wages and an immigration depatment whose defacto policy is, if you can outrun us or sneak around us you can work with legal status ( ITIN number) get drivers licenses, send your kids to school, get free medical treatment free food and enjoy almost the same protected rights as citizens. After a while you will get citizenship. That should take care of the study aspect of " the root causes of illegal immigration.

  17. Listen to what pelosi says ,but watch what she does …

  18. Potatus, and the Cackle, fraudulent elections give you the cream of the idiots.

  19. They can not have the power grab if we don’t allowed them.

  20. This is their agenda. They are ignoring the American people and they want in this country.

  21. They all know … It's what they planned for …

  22. Harris will not go let alone touch the border crisis. That way when Biden taps out she can takeover and say that's on Biden. Why exactly do you think they're trying to change voting laws?

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