Thursday , January 27 2022
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Hashim Amla retires from international cricket

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  1. We will miss you amla I want to become amla😣😥😥

  2. All time greatest batsman of South Africa and for cricket cricket will miss you South Africa surely miss already they struggling Morkel Tahir Duminy retire now steyn and amla tough days for South Africa

  3. Mr Hashim you were simply a champion and a joy to watch. Thanks for the good times

  4. Happy retired life Hashim Amla 👍👍👍

  5. cricket world lost a great gentleman of cricket

  6. A true gentleman of the game and a beautiful example of a practising muslim.

  7. Love and respect for Hashim Amla from India.

  8. Sab k sab mc log jaldi retire hote hai aur even fit n healthy they turn n get attracted towards 20-20 formats. This T20 has completely ruined original cricket

  9. All the best #amla for u r future. …you are the one batsman to watch out in cricket

  10. Players like Hashim Kane Williamson Abd Cook are known as gentle cricketers.People will not only love their record but also the way they present themselves.Such gentleness can never be seen from Indian cricketers.They are also retiring in an age where you know they can easily play for 2-3 years.But players from India even legends like Sachin played till an age where he can lift his bat.DHONI is still doing the same selfish thing.Playing for records and money.When will they learn??

  11. Thank u Hashim all time great Muslim cricketer in world cricket

  12. Hashim amla one of the best man and best player miss you amla 😔😌😌

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