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Hazlewood eyes Lord's service after Worcester workout

Australia fast bowler Josh Hazlewood speaks about being overlooked for the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston, his performance in the tour match at Worcester, and his ambitions for the second Test at Lord’s


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  1. You guys should include Starc and Hazlewood .. I think they both did their job as main fast bowlers for Aussies and should be included for 2nd test.. Pattinson and Siddle bowled really well in first test .. But inclusion of Starc and Hazlewood will add fear to English batsmen in Lord's ..add Mitchell Marsh to make balance in team which ease the workload of 4 bowlers
    Aussies XI for 2nd test should be..
    7.Paine (c & wk)

  2. In my perspective all bowlers performed their roles and did really well but Patto and Sids were very unlucky to get a wicket in the second innings as Lyon and Cummins shared the 10. I would prefer Starc or Hazelwood though for Patto, but Pattinson is one of our very aggressive bowler and Starc and Hazlewood is also a threat to England batsmens

  3. No changes to the team. Cummins, Pattinson & Siddle were brilliant

  4. I just want the trio to unite again… Starc Cummins and Hazlewood.. and also all of them along with James Pattinson in a single game.. that would be a treat to watch

  5. If it were me I would think about bringing starc in for Pattinson just because Pattinson is injury prone and that would be it. Siddle knows the conditions well so he’s an obvious choice, Cummins is Australia’s best bowler, Lyon obviously. And people who are saying to get rid of Bancroft, personally I disagree for 2 reasons. Firstly, it isn’t a fair reflection of a player over 1 test, so obviously give him a second chance. And secondly, he’s scored runs in county cricket and performed in the warm up game when there was pressure.

  6. Halewood in place of siddle for Lords test.

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  8. OUT: Bancroft, Siddle, Pattinson
    IN: Harris, Hazlewood, Starc

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