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Health and Fitness Q&A | Niomi Smart

Answering health and fitness questions and SourcedBox news!

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  1. No such thing as "toxins". Your body is not like old pluming in an old house. Whatever "toxins" you mean- your liver takes care of by flushing them out itself. Your liver is also self cleaning. Sci show/ concurred by husband who is an md

  2. Please check out for golden tips on health & fitness, & a personal trainer to help you achieve your dream body!

  3. Check my channel for amazing fitness products

  4. Is sourced box now available to America yet?

  5. Why aren't you shipping Sourcebox to Switzerland yet? 🙁

  6. Love your videos ! you look great!

  7. Its 2016 are you gonna start shipping to the US, please I have been wanting one for a while.

  8. Subscribed after watching 4 videos! Love you 😁

  9. Your so inspiring I'm looking forward to exercise now that the sun is starting to come out

  10. Loving your channel so far. I don't know why I wasn't subscribed to you before.

  11. how to eat pre and post workout meals

  12. I cannot get over how insanely beautiful you are.

  13. Great video Niomi! Love this idea as I never liked to fit into a box! Just posted my #UseYourAnd on Instagram @jbscheer.

  14. Niomi, I love all your videos! Can you do more hair videos? Your hair looks so shiny and healthy. In this video, did you curl your hair or is it natural?

  15. can you do like a video on your diet and what you do and dont eat. 🙂

  16. Just wanted you to reach 700 comments❤️I love your channel, so inspiring x

  17. what diet and exercise do you think is best to lost weight (exercise at home)? like 6/7stone the qucikest? I Cant do some exercise as I'm disabled (hypermobility syndrome)

  18. how do you stop your self from having something like crisps and taking a fruit bar ??? love you xxxx

  19. You and Carly rowana make me so motivated to get heathy 🙀🙌🏻

  20. How long do you usually work out for?? Loved the video by the way!

  21. Are all the snacks un the box going to be glutenfree?

  22. cant wait you starting this in JAPAN!

  23. I'm starting your sourced box next month, I'm really excited! I can't wait to start eating much healthier. You're very inspirational for me to become healthier and fitter xx

  24. Can you do a video on teas please? Like what brands are healthier than others and benefits of certain kinds of tea? I would absolutely love that. I drink a lot of the brand Tazo and I drink a lot of black tea and I'm not sure how healthy those choices are compared to others or how to find out.

  25. You inspire me to eat more plant based 💕

  26. I want to buy sourced box but im finding it very hard to use the website can you help me?

  27. Just received my sourced box ….oh wow, it's amazing, so far loving all the snacks, can't wait to enjoy them all, & really excited about next months, well done all of you involved 😄

  28. My new favourite youtuber! Absolutely LOVING your vids! You actually know what you're talking about when it comes to maintaining a plant based diet plus you're intelligent and super easy to watch. You have no idea how happy i am that i found you haha. Subscribed and liked xxx

  29. Please do more of these!! Or do more what I eat in a days! Love these both or the healthy food hauls!❤️

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