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HEALTH & BEAUTY TIPS WITH SHAKIRA (I'm crushing hard oh god) | Melanie Murphy

I got to hang out with Shakira at the launch party for Love Rocks in Barcelona & we talked about her beauty/skincare tips and diet + fitness routine!
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  1. She's a natural beauty🥰🥰

  2. “Oh no get out of here” gosh dang I love shakira💕😂

  3. Not to be rude. But it will help you for your future show. Let your guest talk. You cut the guest conversation so much. Thank you.

  4. Shakira is sooo beautiful, so intelligent, soo genuinely awesome 🥰

  5. Don’t want tips I want her exact schedule and diet 🤪

  6. Beautiful shakira, awful interviewer


  8. Who is there after Superbowl 2020?

  9. There you have it, she is not a drinker or a smoker.

  10. I'm here after watching the Superbowl. I know I'm not alone

  11. Here after the half time show.

  12. her secrets are similar to Jlo’s. Sunscreen, Good state of mind, no drinking/smoking and drink a lot of water

  13. i am casually looking her up for her routine after the halftime show. I will try my best to follow some of her advices. My gosh she is amazing, and her voice is so smooth to the ear!

  14. Hair extension look natural on shaki

  15. Casually look up her routine after last night's show

  16. Who's here to learn Shakira's anti aging secrets after the 2020 Super bowl?

  17. Collagen goes between bones to stop them rubbing and to absorb shock. How does collagen make your face brighter?
    On another note, Shakira and Melanie were awesome.

  18. Actually, a sunscreen above 50 is useless. 50 is the REAL maximum a sunscreen can get. A 100 spf is just a more expensive 50.

  19. She’s so pretty and I am in love with her hair

  20. She’s one of the few if not the only famous celebrity that is so chilled towards anyone lol you could speak to her just casually.

  21. Lol I can tell she’s amazed by you’re blue eyes 😆

  22. Change is in your power – Shakira 😊

  23. Do u really have Shakira's number?

  24. hi , MELANIE MURPHY U TOO LOOKS LOVELY, https;//, beauty

  25. read my blog health and fitness , beauty./ https;//

  26. I would like to know.. How did she manage to get from dark brown hair to blonde?? Does somebody know?

  27. I love her!!!! Beautiful inside and out!!!

  28. Me encantaria ber aesa muchaha que separese a chaquira con eya me pudieras conseder ese sueno

  29. Conosco una persona que parese la gemela de chaquira guao que linda chaquira la amo

  30. Best and most honest and healthiest beauty tips!!!

  31. Melanie you are talking more than Shakira…how could you… I vame here to listen to what Shakira had to say but instead Miss.Melanie just kept interrupting her…. 👎

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