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Health unions warn of strike action over 1% NHS pay proposal – BBC News

Unions representing tens of thousands of health care workers are warning of possible strike action over the UK government’s proposals for a 1% pay rise for most NHS staff in England.

It has been described as “an insult and hypocrisy” by health care workers. But the government insists 1% is all that can be afforded at a difficult time for public finances.

Around a million other public sector staff, including teachers, the armed forces, firefighters and police officers are to have their pay frozen for a year.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by deputy political editor Vicki Young.

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  1. The NHS Are Full Of Bullshit Real Talk 👄

  2. That notion of Scotland to backdate to December. Is a better notion and perhaps holding further negotiations later is a better choice. But the ministers could end up with considerable losses in the coming elections. The general public will insist on a very much better raise. Certainly not by 1% and realistically, at least 5% as a better starting point.

  3. If they’re only worth an extra £3.50 a week, according to the red bus that would imply that there are 100 million nhs workers.

  4. Careworkers are way better than bbc workers. They save our lives but otherside bbc just lies and turned the whole nation into junk of stupid idiots.When kids study always on facebook and smart phones and kids wanna be superior.Bbc workers are ugly agents simply chat rubbish 🗑and been making millions now making billions.Cut wages from bbc ugly agents and give 50% money to Careworkers,healthcare and NHS. We do not need BBC we need food,water,shelter and NHS..

  5. Highest paid nurses in Europe which is why they come to the UK. But they go back home after working in what they describe as a 3rd world healthcare system. They don't beleive in Euthanasia.

  6. Sorry Boris, no amount of clappings going to save you now…

  7. In no other job can you demand a pay raise when you have increased work. Its not normal practice.

  8. If I had my way I would cut the pay and fire the cowards who stayed at home. Ask these carers what treatment they gave Care Home patients who died screaming "I can't breathe". It was not oxygen but morphine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What about all the other key workers do they not deserve anything then? They should just be grateful they still have their jobs getting paid, many thousands haven't been so lucky, so get the fuck on with it and deal with it your in a much better situation than a lot of other people!

  10. Stop moaning and feeling sorry for yourselves…You are all lucky!
    Some countries don't have a national healthcare system..

  11. Oh come on you lot! stop moaning for more pay, when your fellow private sector carers are kept on artificialy
    low minimum wages. I think you have all got a bloody cheek to expect public support with a slow handclap alright you worked above and beyond during the covid outbreak but so did the many millions of other real caring carers.

  12. Why do they deserve a big payrise? They have never had it so easy because they've only been treating one illness and forgetting about everyone else! Are shop workers and couriers and care workers crying about payrises??? NO they're not

  13. Hmm strange, when we were supposed to be overwhelmed with Covid cases last year and this one, TikTok sure had a lot of uploads from nurses, doctors and staff doing stupid dance routines while on the clock. Sounds like they had a lot of free time on their hands to practice and film these instead of doing their jobs and theyre wanting more money for basically goofing off at work?

  14. No minister can defend this how is it even possible

  15. Everyone has been in a difficult situation, but the prime minister and his friends.

  16. They actually deserve 0/ph more. That money should be for the people forced to lose their jobs because of goverment covid policies.

  17. I reckon that, (£3.50) is a weeks wage for many people who truly don’t have much in this world…. so I’d really start looking at how much actually would make a difference not how so little wouldn’t make much of a difference to our already gluttonous lives.

  18. Let's see what the govnment payrise is

  19. STRASBOURG IS A TOWN IN FRANCE WHERE WE CAN COMPLAINT ABOUT THE SAME THINGS AS I HAVE WRITTEN AND COMMENTS: What's you're opinion Did happen to you to work and to don't be paid???Again it is me a female from EU and EEA countries!

  20. ZThe Government paid 100% and 80% the business wich did not functions When this Money will give back to us all who paid taxes every day For everything every day for food electricity gas etc DRESS and shoes like all the human race Give us our money zto every person who live In United Kingdom in London MINIMUM zi:will aplply for tax return :refunds Because known with this pandemic virus my family can't help me anymore To don't died and if we are exploited and hire :self employees or 0 contract Well we are tired like this people to get riches in this last two years I am ELISABETh and i hsve to take salary from zjune 2017 But i could not afford to paid for a lawyer: to take the MISERABLY unfair salary

  21. I AM from EU and 3 countries and i want my personal economy back: all my money wich sent my family From 2017 still at dates I am victim of fraud :in 2020 December: 31 December but i did not give my money back Neither what they took in 31 December 2020

  22. 1% Pay rise and a forced experimental vaccine. – Criminal

  23. Now is the time for Boris to remove the cancers of cycle lanes, smart motorways and clean air zones. This will save lives protect the environment, reduce pollution and congestion and revive the economy. Then he can plough the savings in to the NHS. It is a no brainer

  24. What did NHS do. This country has one of the highest death rate. Even hospital facilities weren't there. They were sending people home. Now crying for payrise …its a joke

  25. They should be at least 20 a week if the economy is that bad

  26. I disagree with the phrase "politicians" loafds of natural tories, are blaming the politicians for this low increase,
    surely this were right wing Brexit politicians, lets face it politicians like
    Corbyn, or Stamer, would never have given as low as 1 percent, anybody
    who believces otherwise is a fool

  27. Strike away best time to Do it hospitals empty and most staff on furlough

  28. I don't think it's the right time to increase their paychecks. Maybe later.

  29. I love how the NHS has taken the Government slogan look them in the eyes, turned it around used it against them. 😂😂😂😂

  30. Johnson and Johnson just got vax approval by the FDA ( who are funded by big pharma !! ) yet they have had a huge lawsuit, as nearly as many people who have died due to their other drug products as what the virus has killed. Also other big pharma companies are on the ropes as massive lawsuits have been and are now are being filed against them as they roll out the vax …you can not make this stuff up! Russell Brand yesterday did an excellent blog on all of this.

  31. If this does not wake people up to the fact that the government does not and never had your best interests then I don't know what will.

  32. 37 billion for serco and they come out with 1% is all we can afford.

    Not buying it

  33. “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.” Greg Hunt, Australian Federal Health Minister, February 2021.

  34. Just what the government want. A walk out meaning "Take it or leave" so they can finish off with privitsation of the NHS.
    It should be down to public opinion and vote on who deserves a pay rise from public money. It's certainly not the government. Getting rid of this government would be a step closer to normality, whoever is voted in, instead of them.

  35. The whole country is in a mucking fuddle, who's to blame??? Who installed so much fear into the population? Who put people under restrictions while flouting the "rules" themselves? Who's overpaid? Hmmmm

  36. So much for the Brexit 10billon dividend the brexiteer liars promised. It is sick our nurses are being shafted by the brexit voters and their MPs in this way, shame on all those traitors who voted brexit. Time we started caring about our workers rather than the billionaire brexit politicians and their corrupt uncaring voting block

  37. I know who I won’t be voting for in the next election!!!

  38. WHEN DIVINE INTERVENTION TAKES PLACE the result is far above our own abilities!!

  39. If this were France, there would be riots.

  40. Most people are facing redundancy or a real terms pay cut. (And how many people are prepared to actually pay for a more generous wage bump?)

  41. Need nurses? We have a lot in Philippines. Just remove your bloody cbt exam and considering crediting their PRC license…

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