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Middle school health & wellness video for my flipped health class


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  1. Great video! You worked hard on all this valuable information. Thank you!

  2. Reading the comments hurts my brain.

  3. this confused my high school students when i was teaching health class. so i would make a new video about this but update!

  4. rely liked your video, and that health has many parts to it.
    you might want to check this out also.

  5. Very good PowerPoint and information. Thanks for sharing this ☺

  6. u fooken wot M8 wonna foight at me mooms ouse bruv ??????!

  7. the chesse of truth: imagraints cause cancer

  8. ma haha mahaha maaaaa lolololo ha ha ha

  9. thumbs up..highly informative thank you.

  10. Balance is everything. How does one balance each area without taking it on as an extra chore to add to there lives?

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  12. thx for info going to know all answers when it comes to my test

  13. I just launched a new health and wellness channel. First topic is going to be tackling depression. Channel centered around mental, physical and spiritual health. If you or anyone you know could benefit please click on my icon and name and click subscribe. All the best.
    -Chris 🗣

  14. I have gotten into my health because I am looking for ways to improve my health ?Ln have u heard of this https://launch.powerlifepro.com/invite?id=purple&tag=

  15. emotional..? this is not base for ispiritual..
    total healht is found to.
    Luke 2: 52.

  16. Great information! thank you for the video!

  17. Great information! thank you for the video!

  18. how about ispiritual healht..?

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