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Her Secret Method For Weight Loss Will Blow Your Mind | Liz Josefsberg on Health Theory

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Liz Josefsberg. She is a celebrity health, wellness and weight loss expert and the author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps. In this episode she discusses her approach to weight loss, why most people have trouble eating healthy and how technology can help you get healthier.

Check out Target 100: https://bit.ly/2Sg6KJf

Why weight loss starts in the mind [01:08] How to dig deep by starting with food [05:08] The power of daily habits [08:31] How to refuse your own excuses [13:07] How believing in yourself can change your identity [15:49] Why you need to cheer yourself on [19:31] How to keep promises to yourself [26:14] The importance of planning out your meals [28:52] Why you shouldn’t give up your favorite food [31:33] How to change the way you talk to yourself [34:09] What everyone can do to improve their health [36:20] The things you should and shouldn’t be tracking [41:56] The scale that helps you overcome the fear of the scale [48:50]

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  1. She is so sweet, clever and modest.

  2. Forget the psychology and realise its addiction caused by sugar/carbs, a real chemical reaction that affects the brain. Kill the appetite and sugar addictions by going keto, paleo or carnivore

  3. Tom Bileau just made my life! I am so full of hope and motivated now!

  4. This is a bad behavior video and comments at the same time focus:me😊

  5. The gap between intention and action !

  6. She is great on psychology, but lousy on nutrition. More high protein!? Did she miss that over 15% is actually carcinogenic and high fat is horrible for diabetes and your circulation/heart. Low fat high carb whole food is the only healthy way — McDougall, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Essylstyn (Engine 2) and many others. Keto is the worst. Yeah you can lose weight on these horrible diets but they are horrible on your health.

  7. Before he asked his last question wow so sexy nice deep voice bedroom eyes

  8. We are spiritual beings first, then mental/emotional, then physical. Mediation is to forget this physical and mental body and realize we're all one in action. Using mediation as a physical tool to lose weight ( or any physical goal: more money, more power ) is an incredulous suggestion only happens in materialistic America. At least the 12 steps program of AA: to pray to God in a group, is still an awareness of want: to achieve a physical goal of wellness. Using mediation to achieve physical goal is debasing to the practice, to the millions spiritual beings, to this millennium!!! No greed, no desire, no ego, then you enter the basic realm of Meditation where time and space doesn't apply.

  9. Too much gab in beginning. Get to it!!!!!! Whew. Talk talk talk talk. I'm outta here. Goofy. U are crazy. Like to hear urself?

  10. Dear Tom and Liz ….. Liz put a lot of energy into saying the words Drug Addict I work on the energy going into words we speak .if you listen carefully to people you can see where love and fear reside in them Thank you to both of you and your teams for a great show

  11. Finally, you let your guest talked, practiced active-listening, and were a gentlman in that you didn't bombard her with yr usual f-insertions. Good job!!

  12. Americans are OVER HYDRATED. We're doing even need 8 glasses a day. I'm 55 she's only 46 likes older than me, and I know you cut that sugar/alcohol and you'll only need 1 ltre a day. You'll piss your mineral out.

  13. This is nonsense.. no wonder she's made it on all MSM. Cutting calories, moving more is over played. FASTING FOCUS KETO! He's suffering listening but doing great job!

  14. Losing weight is not the same as losing body fat for one thing, and this program is terrible just by reading whats involved.. if you really want to get healthy, feel great and lose real body fat not just weight, then get the real deal right here: and no I was not paid to do this, I just know this works! and this guy is the most knowledgeable….https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70SrI3VkT1MXALRtf0pcHg

  15. OMG 100 grams of carbs a day? and it's a drawing of a loaf of bread? seriously? Not a good idea!

  16. We do what we do because life happens.

  17. Thanks for sharing this video. It is very interesting and helpful video.

  18. I wanna see her face without makeup

  19. She IS very naturally drop-dead-gorgeous. ☑️

  20. ButcherBox. : is a cucking joke they won't ship to Alaska !!

  21. try sitting in a wheelchair 20 hrs a day and 5k steps looks very large !!

  22. It seems like no matter how many HT's I watch, the running theme of a better life in general is meditation.

  23. We overeat because we fear life, fear getting hurt, so we get big and bigger because then noone can hurt us. Get rid of the fear, you will be free.

  24. Much of these suggestions/hacks can be applied to any behavior we desire to change. Drinking, spending, exercising, etc. Great interview.

  25. You are an excellent interviewer, thank you for sharing all this amazing information .


  27. I love liz's way with words and mind set. I learned a lot in this interview. Too bad I can't find her book on kindle.

  28. "Would you trust an external person who continually broke their promise to you? Establish integrity with yourself!" Epiphany for me…thank you! She’s right…one of the greatest things that I will ever do is not break promises to myself about me.

  29. You need to interview Butter Bob Briggs.
    I gave up wheat, grains of all sorts, seeds, sugar and fruits except berries.
    Amazing transformation with no hunger pangs and fasting. Trying to stay on one meal a day. Slimming down with high healthy fats and very low carbs in vegetables.

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