Sunday , October 24 2021
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Here are the most 'valuable' college majors today

Bankrate is out with a new study about graduate degrees and how much they are worth after school.

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  1. BA in economics. I love my post grad public accounting job.

  2. Is this an advertisement, for the upper east coast or rather slightly all coastal areas with contractors solely in line for naval contracts now and obviously with future aspirations, including lobbyist ; )

  3. Gender Studies is not on the list ! What gives ?

  4. Libtardism, doublespeak, & safespaces are #1 paying future jobs

  5. Art majors can make some serious money. This is coming from a computer engineer / art guru. I have personally ran several businesses. Some of them that dealt in engineering related art supplies. Others that delt in pre-painted real Warhammer Models imported from India. You can make some serious money. I have known several men who started a pottery painting business that makes their families engineering salary. The grandson of Basha's food and drug who lives a mile from me, and runs a milti-million dollar import business buying and selling custom jewelry pieces. His gun collection is out of this world. Almost all art majors now days go into business. This is why some business course work is required to get a art degree now days.

  6. I have a Physics B.S. (with a Math minor) and make $18k as a graduate student. I couldn't find work when I graduated, besides tutoring. Jobs either specifically required engineering degrees or Ph.D. degrees. These numbers don't explain whether it's the median of just the people working in these jobs rather than all graduates, and whether these are entry level salaries or if they include senior positions, or other requirements needed to attain such salaries (negotiating, network connections, etc.).

  7. College is a business scam!

  8. A liberal arts degree can teach you how to think???
    That is Bullsh#!

  9. why is hollywood rich if arts & theatre pay so low?
    Stop supporting these filthy pigs and their perverted anti American agenda.

  10. This report is spot on as I recently finished a doctorate with $209,000 in student loan debt. Fortunately, I graduated with a Pharmacist Degree and have made $70,000 in my first 6 months. Currently, I stand at $155,000 in dept with plans to have it paid off by the end of 2020. Essentially, I'm living on $800 a month and putting everything else into paying off my student loans. Other students in my class are not as financially adept and have opted to go into a 30 year repayment plan in which they will end up paying $330,000+ and then have to pay taxes on the rest if it is forgiven. Problem nowadays is that students decide they don't want to pay back their loans and would rather opt for socialism and communism to get out of paying off those loans. A very slippery and dangerous slope we have brewing in those colleges of socialism. So glad I got out with the ability to think on my own.

  11. But AOC has an art major.

  12. The very last 20 seconds guy is a moron because liberal arts degrees are generally taught by ultra liberal people that teach you what to think not how to think

  13. "Gender Studies" identifies as the course making the most money.

  14. Why does this surprise anyone? My favorite is when students protest with signs saying "How am I supposed to pay off my $XXXX student loan debt?" You work, idiot. And just like this video said, if your chosen (yes, you chose it) occupation, pays less than what you owe on a loan (simple math), you fail in life.

  15. Young people need to be taught how to think? If you have to teach someone in college how to think then I do believe that our education system needs a complete overhaul. Besides, it is much more profitable to teach them what to think, which is exactly what is happening today.

  16. How TF did gender studies not make the list!?!? I am appalled!!!

  17. Somebody's got to make the hammer. Somebody's got to drive the nail. Somebody's got to discover new atoms. Someone's got to deliver the mail.

  18. You dont need to pay someone 100k to indoctrinate you and give you a piece of paper that isnt worth what its printed on. Liberal arts are classes are for morons who dont want to do math.

  19. Come on. Everyone knows that Women Studies is the most valuable.

  20. The ones in drama can only be salvaged by the despicable Hollywood predators in which they must sell their soul to the devil 👿 to succeed in their business otherwise they are left looking in from outside. Of course most would sell their soul to pursue their careers in that field.

  21. STEM > ARTS for maybe only a century?

  22. Many graduates with STEM degrees are not getting jobs. Some do, many don't. Corporatists want their H1b visa low wage payed slaves instead for the few jobs that do exist. I know because I have a STEM degree. Most of our Industrial and technology base has deliberately been offshored to Asia and the STEM jobs have gone with it. Go into Medical instead, now that is a racket.

  23. I knew a woman who had been going to college for 12 years and didn't have a degree. She kept changing her major because  she didn't know what she wanted.

  24. People who majored in philosophy have deep thoughts about being unemployed.

  25. My BS medical science degree did not have me getting paid more than average salary, chemistry/biology. But I had minimal college debt in 1985

  26. My arts degrees daughter is supporting herself comfortably, she has no college debt and her degree gets her higher per hour teaching jobs,masterclass jobs, admin jobs that supplements her performing job.. But keep saying this so the arts job market isn't saturated.


  28. My lesbain dance theory degree is worthless.

  29. NPV is compared to 0, not the investment itself. Learn your corporate finance.

  30. so lefties are just as useless as the useless arts degree's they have..

  31. Leftists know these facts. They just think that capitalism is evil because art majors and snowflake study graduates earn less than engineers. Anybody can read and memorize leftist propaganda and write it from memory in the mid terms but not anyone can understand maths and chemistry.


  33. If students have to earn their living to study in a university, maybe they would demand a REAL EDUCATION from their professors and they wouldn't have time for those nonsense demonstrations and related activities against the Right!


  35. Go to a trade school if you go, we need more plumbers, electricians ect. Mike Row of dirty jobs is right, never will you find a whinnying liberal that owes a lot of money for a useless degree .

  36. Universities are political indoctrination centers right now.

  37. The government should not be doing school loans.

  38. Went to community college saved like 30k, not same quality education but its usually the responsibility of the student to make the education worthwhile.

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