Here's how President Biden defended his decision not to visit border

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew and Western Energy Alliance president Kathleen Sgamma on how President Biden has treated America’s border and energy crises on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. Why is this guy still in office he committed treason so many times there no justice in this country anymore


  3. Joe Biden always has an excuse not to do his job. (Joe's motto is, "I am not going to do my job, and what are you going to do about it". )

  4. Bidens butt needed wiped so he couldn't visit the border and Dr Jill wasn't around.

  5. Treasonous revolution in the way

  6. The only people I hate worse than Biden are those bitches on the veiw

  7. If he gets any worse Dr Jill will have to put him on a leash

  8. I trust this president less than I trust tic tok

  9. How & why aren't we rioting with a fever???

  10. Don’t complain you voted for him

  11. Thats bidens lying cowardly way out

  12. Joe Biden is a disgusting excuse for a human being, not to mention a total crook

  13. How many votes does a villain have to illegally allow into the country he's just importing votes and he's a villain, Biden is .

  14. You gop screwed up aligning with criminal trump. You lost every election

  15. Send all the illegal immigrants to Georgia spread the word

  16. Biden is a coward for refusing to take care self- inflicted borders crisis

  17. The USA goes from Glory to Trash in 1- 1/2 years under Joe Biden.

  18. Joe Biden is doing what China is telling him to do get rid of all our oil strategically run the country into the ground so the communist Chinese party can take over

  19. Trump is the best president in our life time. Bring TRUMP back Now.

  20. JoeTard at his best!

  21. Joe is the greatest deterrence we have.

  22. These are gaffes, these are lies and corruption.

  23. Borders are just as intended. He's telling people that.
    They just don't want to believe someone is so hell bent on ushering in the WEF, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.