Here’s how the stock market reacted to Biden’s State of Union address

Nancy Tengler, CEO and CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments and Breitbart economics and finance editor John Carney react to the State of the Union and the recent actions of Fed Chair Jay Powell on ‘Kudlow.’
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  1. No reason to react! Wall Street knows it's all BS!

  2. I recently purchased some ETFs. Saving for a market fall is also a bad idea. There are different perspectives on recessions and depressions; we cannot always expect significant rewards; and taking risks is preferable to doing nothing. The bottom line is that by diversifying your portfolio and making sensible judgments, you will accomplish exceptional outcomes. In 2022, my portfolio returned $608,500.

  3. I learned that the stock market was a rich man's game (yes, grandparents lost it all back then and preached that forever) but I've been around long enough to really taste how great it can be. To be profitable, with inflation at 6.1% These are surely desperate times, but in my opinion, there is no market condition that a good financial advisor cannot navigate, especially those that have existed since the crisis of 2008 and before.

  4. What ever happens, the damocraps wanted it to occur.

  5. I can't believe the people of the United States believe this BS and let it keep going on.

  6. why can't anybody take Biden to court he has rejecteed his oath of office in fact sticking one finger up its not impeachment its the law that must obeyed by everyone (Commie Biden)unfortunatly I dont live in America once a great place

  7. Lots of Cash Fast – Market will get a Big ( short term) Boost ? Make the money Now – Worry about consequences Later ?😏

  8. We need Trump to raise the market

  9. I'll save you time. IT WENT DOWN

  10. Why isn't he out of there by now this doesn't feel right anymore

  11. Why does Biden lie to us when we know better. But yet he still thinks he can pull something over on us everytime.

  12. He is destroying America in the Americans don’t even know it and that’s including me we need to stop this puppet manufacture by Obama before we lose the United States of America


  14. They and he are wanting people to believe what they are saying plesae!


  16. STOP PRINTING MONEY, and then we don't need to keep raising rates.

  17. What happened to impeachment proceedings?

  18. Everything that ((They)) touch just mysteriously goes bust.

  19. Biden abused his Presidency and politically stop at Nothing to bring Down Trump by removing all Trump's Policies and Open Borders to Illegal Immigrants, Drugs and Crime!!🙄😡😮‍💨

  20. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life and blessings to me and my family $14,120.47 weekly profit our lord Jesus have lifted up my life!!! 🙏❤️❤️

  21. The stock market rally started Thursday strong but reversed solidly lower, undercutting the lows of the prior few days. It's a reason to be cautious in the very short term. But the pullback could be setting the stage for another solid advance. Tesla (TSLA) continued to climb Thursday, even though the EV giant pared intraday gains. TSLA stock has now more than doubled from its Jan. 6 bear-market low,I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $238k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  22. I followed this exchange till the very end but I don't understand what Larry was alluding to oil company. It had to be something like he was pressed for time and couldn't think of how the best put his words together.

  23. I caught that dress too Larry.

  24. Yeah, the markets did react to biden speech. It said “FnCK YOU BIDEN!!”