Here’s what’s behind massive tech layoffs

Fox News contributor Jonas Max Ferris weighs in on the Fed raising interest rates for an eighth time and tech companies laying off thousands of workers on ‘Kennedy.’ #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. Tech workers might try construction. Go through the internet tech jobs.

  2. What an idiot.. and kiss azz

  3. What a heartless attitude. People losing their jobs are not just statistics…They have families and dreams and bills! Disgusting Government.

  4. The Government claims unexpected higher employment. Business reports massive layoffs. Fed raises interest rates to stabilize inflation. Congress raises debt ceiling allowing for more inflationary spending. That's a shitload of contradictions, all spelling bad news.

  5. What are these clowns saying? WFH has nothing to do with it, has to do with the companies themselves. I work in financial services and we're continually experiencing higher peaks in productivity (apart from a few bad apples, but that would be the case in the office too) and profitability. Looks like a lot of these layoffs are in departments with no value whatsoever, what the f*ck does a "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" director making $200k/yr add to a company, especially during a recession???

  6. Those same employees who were always calling in sick, with all sorts of BS … so I wonder if they are surprised?

  7. This country still thinks they can make money by printing it. Only you can make is "DEBT" nothing more nothing else with those FAKE economy statistics.🙂

  8. That surplus labor value is taken from employees and redistributed as passive income via dividends and stock buybacks to shareholders (the real lazy freeloaders)?

  9. Just learn to code! Oh wait. My bad. Nevermind.

  10. This is why when you get enough leverage at your job, you let that quiet quitting kick in. No company cares about you or your family. Gotta take care of yourself & your health.

  11. Please remove this Marxist!

  12. Wow, unemployment lowest ever as of today. Feb 4th, 2023. Thank you Joe Biden. Better than when Trump was president.

  13. Chilling like a villain with the sexy hottie Kennedy from Canada

  14. But they’re bringing in China given China people visas to come work in America that’s what they’re doing why Americans lose jobs Chinese are getting visas to come to America and go to college and work and take their jobs

  15. Deep State WEF China And Federal Reserve Are Attempting A Takeover Of America 💯

  16. Why is this idiot always laughing & smiling in her sing song voice while in the middle of this Schiff storm

  17. I just got here, is Fox spreading fake recession fears again?

    Don’t worry guys they do this all the time, remember when they claimed Biden was banning hamburgers? 😂

  18. Kennedy look so gorgeous in red

  19. Let them serve coffee at minimum wage. The way that real people live.

  20. I think we need Trump back in office

  21. Sack the lot of em, starting with the US President Biden 🤣😵😁😭😜😫🤪☀️🌡️🔥🐵🌚🤠🇺🇲🐺🐷☠️💀⚰️. If more US citizens would only die very soon then that would help with bringing inflation down

  22. Maybe if you people stop breeding, there will be no more corporate GREED.

  23. You should lose your job Powell.


  25. those poor CEOs and shareholders only have 2 yachts… we all need to make sacrifices so they can also purchase another vacay home in the bahamas to compliment a 3rd MEGA yacht


  26. TNX GOOD business okay TNX GOOD Family First good Germany' good invest okay TNX GOOD

  27. But Econot is Fine according to Biden's Kamala Clownse

  28. American young generation after studying must building factories and investation to other countries because if want get much money must come in bursa saham.


  30. And even with this, jobs report is over 517k new jobs.

  31. AI taking over Humanities jobs. It's not inflation it's replacement of tax revenues collected from employees contributing to the Country's infrastructure. Henceforth deleting the rights of the taxpayer at the same time. 🤔

  32. Watching these 2 makes me think its a commercial for eyeglasses.

  33. Does anyone else have a feeling that the jobs report number has been manipulated a bit?

  34. And yet I see a report that unemployment is at its lowest since 1969.
    All them "homeless" people as well as all the new Illegal immigrants must be working, right?

  35. The Democrats playbook to distro America

  36. After a nightmarish 2022, shell-shocked investors have losses to recoup and plenty to ponder, as an inflation report and a raft of other data did little to change expectations that the Federal Reserve would likely continue hiking intrest rates even if the economy slows down, Which means more red ink for portfolios for the first quarter of year 2023. How can I profit from the current volatile market, I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $250k bond/stocck portfolio

  37. Our beloved President Biden created 517,000 in January.

  38. Welp, new year same B.S

  39. You're in recession take no notice of him or the fed

  40. Job reports? Will anyone believe the January job report will be accurate? Only fools believe anything this government tells use. Their reports are like doing doing your own work evaluation to determine if you get a raise.

  41. "Payrolls increased by 517,000 in January, crushing estimates, as unemployment rate hit 53-year low"

  42. This guy is delusional 🙄

  43. Hey look on the bright side…US government is growing faster than anyone!

  44. What ever the issues. There are nearly 2 jobs for every job seeker. There needs to be a work clause for anyone on unemployment.
    By the way 47% of Government workers are still working from home. Why?

  45. Fire theses bastards the NSA will be next!!!

  46. In the 1970s when inflation was like it is today. The got rid of it through raising interest rates to slow massive personal spending. Cars, houses, things like that. So for everyone freaking out. This is how this works. Look it up in google

  47. Could also really use some mean tweets right about now

  48. these nit wits…. Changing how you calculate inflation, AGAIN, to fake making it look like it is going down. Is NOT in fact making it go down.🙄