Here's who to blame for price hikes this Christmas shopping season

Arkansas Rep. French Hill and the Fraternal Order of Police’s Joe Gamaldi weigh in on why inflation and crime continue to be major issues in America on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. Politics is about power so why hasn’t anything changed with either parties.The country is a mess?

  2. We need to have a secure voter system first.

  3. well he is not speaking about usa about three to 4 other lands just like baby food and other being sent to border and across the fraits of products seen was left for picture the others left the games r the same just differ date

  4. I must say Crypto and BTC is the investment anyone can invest on right now. I bought BTC in February 2020, 1 BTC cost 0.003 until the end of March 2022. With a transition of 2.011 and 2.012 BTC…

  5. The Republiturds won't do squat about it because most are just as CORRUPT as ALL DUMMIECRAPS!

  6. Thousands of felons being let out because of the rona compounded the situation. DA's who still believe in law and order need to go after the town and city councils that have passed these laws, and charge them with criminal facilitation and violating the rights of the law abiding people. And if the DA won't, then the Sheriff should charge the DA with dereliction of duty, in addition to the other charges, and have a special prosecutor try the case.

  7. Look at the county by county maps on elections in the U.S.

  8. Trump is divisive. Biden is divisive, as well.

  9. And in the meantime the democrat polictians just gave back a known criminal and terrorist to Russia, the same Russia they are always saying is so evil. Then again if it's a criminal or something they want then it's ok. Rules for thee and not for me, their motto

  10. People it's time to blame yourselves for allowing it to happen in the usa. Everyone stayed asleep at the wheel and allowed this to happen and continue. Stop crying and complaining because you all keep on voting and allowing the demons to control the country.

  11. We already know it's Brain 🧠 Freezer Biden his Brain 🧠 is ice Cream ,

  12. They don’t have they better do

  13. Every other word out of this man's mouth is a lie

  14. He never tells the truth and try’s to use fancy words to change the meaning transatory which means not permanent so in other words we are in A recession and have been

  15. Can we PLEASE get rid of these LYING A-HOLES.

  16. Prices won't come back down…our govt is corrupt …and all we are fed are lies.
    The day will come when the people no longer tolerate this

  17. These people r a Big Joke, wow we need help too get back to something of normal again

  18. Who else but Trump and Putin…..LIES.

  19. PUTIN. It's the go-to answer.

  20. New dictionary meaning for the word "Transitory" :Caused by Democrats and or their policys.

  21. I guess everyone in the grovement are now transvestites

  22. The people voted for FUBAR Biden so enjoy the mess.

  23. Boycott the commercialism of this meaningless cash grab season.

  24. Come on man you know the victims are the crimanls

  25. We have to make those Democratic DA's responsible for their actions hold them personally responsible not just fire them not just pet them on the head and say bad boy we need to do something the public is pissed the public is angry lock these suckers up

  26. It is corporate America taking advantage of the people.
    No administration can dictate retail prices.
    The economy is still improving. I have found that prices in all the stores around me and fuel prices are still steadily dropping.
    And I live in a heavy tourist area.

  27. Its much worse than a million drunken sailors and soldiers because atleast we spent our own money that we had earned.

  28. Blame the usual suspects for the crime. Lock them up and throw away the key.