Here's Why Democrats Need A Big Win In The Georgia Runoff

The 2024 Senate map is so daunting for Democrats that they need to win every single Senate seat they can now.

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  1. Patty Murray has a mini scare in 2022. . . winning by 15 points. Literally on what planet does Amy Klobuchar run against a republican with a shot in Minnesota. “New Mexico isn’t that blue these days” it’s just that their entire congressional delegation senate and House all their state office holders are democrats and NM dems have healthy majorities in the state legislature. Not trying to dispute that the 2024 map is tough for democrats but literally who writes these editorials for him?

  2. Once Republicans destroy social security then they'll be a blue wave.

  3. Warnock receives 85% of his millions in contributions from outside of the state of Georgia. He’s funded by progressive liberal
    Democrats who have no interest in Georgia. Warnock backed every Biden policy from excessive spending causing inflation, to millions of illegals flooding into our country. This man is evil incarnate, pushing his Marxist agenda. He hides behind a guise of
    “Pastor” but believes it’s ok to murder babies through abortion, even up to their birth. Besides, until elected in 2020, Warnock had
    absolutely NO experience in politics. This demonic man’s goal is to destroy America.

  4. Mansion and Cinema (I know the spelling's wrong) should be replaced. They're no good for Democrats. Though, rotating villain and all, they'll find a new member of the party to stand in the way of bills.

  5. Comparing those races (MT, WV) to presidential races is sort of moronic. They didn’t follow convention in 2018 either. Went a completely different way for their governors.

  6. Tbh I think the 2024 map will likely stay exactly the same.

  7. Besides your underestimating trump and his drag he will be on his ticket

  8. I don’t think it’s going to be an issue… focus on economics and talk to people and people will keep voting you in

  9. Warnock won and the Republicans are scared

  10. 2024 is also a presidential year which means turnout will be higher than the midterms.

    While yes more blue will be defended than red, i could see Democrats holding all their current seats and possibly pick up IN as that would be an open seat, just depends on the candidate.

  11. It's a presidential year Todd.. it depends on who the candidates for President are. Dont make such a fuss over this

  12. They happen every two years, relax

  13. Chuck Todd clearly doesn't like Democrats winning

  14. Wow that was a great football play

  15. Manchin is not a democrat he is a traitor

  16. Poor Howard Dean, lol…

  17. 2024 depends on the economy and how popular or unpopular Biden is at that time.

  18. WV is a guaranteed loss. I live here, Manchin is done and no Dem will win here for a generation.

  19. After hiding his win and Stacey. Investigate the reporters FBI do your work

  20. I hope Machin doesn't run again as a democrat.

  21. Do not "you" just love how these "newscasts set themselves up for future "roundtable discussions and other blather"? Yes, "Meet the Press" is the longest-running show…Yeah, with such biased prognostication. Maybe, there should be a "poll" of why…

  22. So I guess it’s doom and gloom again for the Democrats

  23. Here's why: Betrayed RR workers

  24. why are we discussing defending seats in 2024 ?
    we just got over 2022
    can we not talk politics for the next 2yrs please

  25. To understand an evil, is to find its source. Modern progressive liberalism is a globalist cult that was formed in England. What is happening in Arizona, Georgia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Brazil, the media, Nordstream, Iran, and China is a direct result of these evil narcissistic globalist animals.

  26. Senate election is republican dream map they have a ton of states with few million population which adds to a lot of safe senate seats. Democrat don't have that.

  27. And I bet you, Chuck Todd, are hoping red wins big time.

  28. We need immediate forinsic audits to staighten this maladministrasion and fraudulent election out. The red wave happened. The elections have been corrupted for decades. Why wont they prove they won instead of fighting any real forinsic audits. The one that was done proved huge maladministrasion and fraud. Millions of fake ballots. No chain of custody. The treason must stop. The fake news like this must be sued for lies and treason.

  29. Democracy has to be destroyed to be rebuilt, republican party is doing a great job of it.

  30. It just amazes me that anyone would vote for a grown man talking seriously about werewolves and vampires!! Walker was a good football player, he's probably a nice guy, but he lives in Texas, by his own admission, and I seriously think he got hit in the head a few too many times!

  31. It's "serious mistake" to just tell Democrats to stick with incumbents like particularly Manchin and Sinema just to play it safe… people of good character, with integrity have the 'best' chance of winning!

  32. Stolen elections garbage, democrats need to be jailed for treason

  33. Racist republican Chuck Todd has to just make democrats look like they are losing even when they win.

  34. Based on the famous Ballot Harvesting technology developed by the DNC, Warnock has already won.

  35. I'll say it again the Democrats had control they've proven they have no idea what they're doing. Every person Biden has hired is a person of color whether they can do the job or not that's affecting us