Saturday , May 15 2021
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Here’s why your gas prices are going up petroleum analysis head Patrick De Haan on how the pandemic and Biden energy policies are impacting gas prices. #FOXBusiness

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  1. No one on government welfare will feel the impact of rising taxes fuel costs etc etc because YOU & I PAY FOR EVERYTHING THEY GET !!

  2. As soon as Biden took oath prices went up over night.. here in western Kentucky it's almost 3 gallon

  3. Amen need get togeather and put out there it not going get better

  4. One of Biden's America Last policies

  5. Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump

  6. Now Fox decides Biden man bad? They were one of MSM responsible for Potato head getting selected.

  7. Joe Biden the DEMO'RATS the deep state and the controling families in charge of them no other reason

  8. Still doesn’t add up why it’s climbing. Wasn’t this high when we were running like normal.

  9. We were at normal before the pandemic with more people out and about @ $2.00 a gal.

  10. Low IQ Liberals, pushing the country to socialism to make everyone poor like them……………..

  11. I'm sorry but this is not from people becoming active again. Last year after winter prices rose but not nearly as high. This is Biden's energy policy on display! Congratulations whoever voted Biden!

  12. Bidens America run by leftists! That's the reason!

  13. Has nothing to do with Biden

  14. no, its because biden is killing our energy ind

  15. Because of the Burden Admonstration


  17. We were much better off a year ago when it was -37

  18. People will be losing their homes now.

  19. They should have just came on and said “Biden” end of reason

  20. Does GOP Trump support pipelines??

  21. Why did fox throw the Greatest President in American History under the Bus. The Honorable President Donald J Trump. Why on God's Green Earth did fox cut America's Throat?

  22. Another fact fred v – China is the #1 cause of fossil fuel gases – the are NOT going anywhere near this green new deal philosophy – the world must embrace this not just America

  23. What can I do to persuade you into buying what I'm selling you! Selfish motives!!

  24. It's already over three dollars a gallon.

  25. Listen; no matter how many enabling excuses your supposed experts claim, this all literally began when Biden shut down the pipeline and made deranged comments about shuttering the fossil fuel industry and going 'all in' on green energy!

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