Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Herman Cain: The Fed needs to be more aggressive

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on the state of the economy, U.S. trade talks with China, the impact of the economy on President Trump’s reelection efforts and the NFL partnering with Jay-Z on entertainment and social justice issues.

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  1. END the FED!
    That unconstitutional monster from Jekyl Island is one of the deepest parts of the swamp.

  2. Just curious, you guys really believe that it’s immigrants that took over jobs, but not because of automation and corporation greed that moved overseas?

  3. The federal reserve needs to be owned by the people NOT by private individuals… that's what the FED needs…

  4. Recession is coming who will Trump Blame – as is his style.

  5. The fact is Trump and the republicans have just set a record with a 867 billion dollar fiscal deficit Trump has bankrupted everything he's ever gotten his hands on. And I do mean everything. An airline, a beverage company, a casino which before Trump came along was considered a can't lose industry, a magazine, a mortgage company, a board game, a travel site, a online university, and a vodka company. And now he's got his hands on a country.

  6. We don't want any more drywall from China letting their kids toys things that they make breakdown within the first 6 months of having it cheap garbage we don't need it we can build it in our country I wouldn't even bother with China no more

  7. The federal reserve needs to go! These few families that run the world need to be cut off. They are against our constitution.

  8. Wow these fox hosts love tricking these idiot conservatives that the sky is green

  9. I love me some Herman! Extremely fair man

  10. Andy McCarthy may be a brilliant lawyer but his interpretation of Oakham's Razor (the simplest explanation) is wrong. In these circumstances, Oakham's Razor has to be that Epstein was murdered.


  12. I totally agree with you Herman :0)

  13. This guy can't have it both ways, he just said that the feds have a history of acting late and if he was in the feds he would be yelling react now.

    Then he says he doesn't think there is going to be a recession. What, does he think the feds are going to change all of a sudden?

    This guy is lying to us, hong kong is demontrating about their freedoms being taken away.

    Oh, he's right, business men will adjust to higher cost, they pass them on to customers.

  14. SPORTS …We Just Wanna Relax !!! NO POLITICS ….Thanks Herman …Great Trump HELPER YES !

  15. How is it we can print T-BILLS but not MONEY even though the right to do such is specifically outlined in the Constitution.. We're paying TRILLIONS for a PRIVATE ENTITY (FEDERAL RESERVE) to act as a clearing house or broker .. Every day we're reminded of the EVILS OF SLAVERY but SHACKLING EVERY AMERICAN(generations to come) WITH DEBT but that's morally alright.. Please explain HOW

  16. Drain the FED, they are money manipulators. Go back to the Constitutional Currency of gold and silver.

  17. Hey the president is not doing his job, he is taxing the public tariffs are tax paid by the importers then pass on the consumers and those are the American paying more for chipper goods.

  18. Business people will adjust and crush the poor people he's another Uncle Tom for the white devil

  19. Hey Fox,  dump the red-head mumbler.  Fox not permitting coments as to Epstein story–What's the fear?  that the listeners will read the coments (none believe the Fox narrative, now additionally that the security tape has been viewed–NOT SHOWN)??  He hanged himself with paper bedsheets fron two feet off the ground??

  20. Go trump because if trump wins 2020 democratic you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done to the American people and you have done to this man president Trump and for what you have done to the supreme Cort juge

  21. You got my vote if you run in 2024

  22. Herman Cain 2019- Cut rates to 0, but of course that alone won't be enough, print $10-15 trillion at least. Give it to the government so they can do nice things with it. Still, come out and call yourself a republican.

  23. The cabal of circumcised bankers called the Federal Reserve will crash the economy in order to get rid of Trump.

  24. Next year these ladies will deny they ever wore a dress with stupid cut-outs all over.

  25. But WHAT is the aim of the trade war? Trump has NOT clearly said what he wants? SMH No one knows~

  26. NFL team owners better start having all stand for the National Anthem or attendance could really drop MORE this year. Losing money… oh well… grow a pair.

  27. The Fed has been very wrong in this. They better get their act together.

  28. we buy 600 bil, sell 100 bil trade from China. so weak. we can't loose. can we not have a viable economy self-sufficient economy without China. smokem if you got em

  29. He's going to tell everyone's fault but Trump and the republicans…

  30. feds in favor of dems. needs to be replaced.

  31. That Right Trump 20 20 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  32. Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve a 'Cancer'

  33. End The Fed Paperback – September 29, 2010

    by Ron Paul (Author)

  34. Dr. Ron Paul: Fed has had too much power since 1913

  35. President Trump is NOT trying to divert blame on anyone!! He is trying to bring fairness to all american people with all that he can and this includes talking about the thieves in the federal reserve

  36. Remind me what the NFL is again??? On second thought….. don't bother. So many other forms of entertainment.
    All I remember is…….. they sided with an arrogant IDIOT (they paid the cowardly price)
    Country before sports. Pat Tillman is turning over in his grave

  37. …from commentator to guest, everybody looks very nervous : ) Correction, If Dagen put this segment together, is evidence that she is….HAVING FUN : )

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