Monday , November 30 2020
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Hero coach confronts student with a gun | ABC News

Newly released video shows dramatic moments of the coach disarming a student with a shotgun.

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  1. Didnt intend to hurt anyone but himself?
    With a giant fkn shotgun and trench coat at the SCHOOL FULL OF STUDENTS?!!!

  2. Give this man a medal!!!!! This is what a real hero is! Not entertainers, athletes, etc but a REAL LIFE hero!

  3. Damn that could have been a bloodbath. This guys a hero.

  4. This could have been the first hispanic mass shooter. BUT even he said he only wanted to kill himself~ Very different train of thought

  5. 21/9/19 2.33pm they were doing tests on me and I woke up I told them to stop but did not listen I told them I’m gana go to human rights people tomorrow and a indian male abused me for doing this that we not gana stop you do what you like with swear words.

  6. Thanks Coach, your a real man and hero to us all, London calling!

  7. Thats it probation? ….. r u serious….why not jail as punishment where is the punishment. What he did to those innocent kids… and to serve as a deterrent to others. 😡😡

  8. Thank you Coach!! God bless you!!

  9. Awsume man not only for his courage but even more his compassion!!!!

  10. I never knew schools were shooting ranges

  11. American schools are messed up.

  12. 3 yrs of probation that's it SMH. Whites get away with any and everything

  13. Don’t act like a Hero save yourself and hide and run when you get a chance fuck courage you shouldn’t rick your life for anyone!

  14. May God continue to bless and protect coach. I'm so rattled just by this incident and others alike. Heavy hearted. God please help these children and broken homes. Jesus. I ask it in your wonderful name. Amen.

  15. What the fuck get that kid of the streets.

  16. A real hero and a courageous man. Not like that bastard security guard from parkland I believe who just stood by hearing and the horror and doing absolutely nothing.

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