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Hero Dayton bouncer: 'I would've died before that guy came in' to the bar

Jeremy Ganger, who pushed as many people as he could into the bar as the shootings occurred, came face-to-face with the suspect before the gunman was shot by police.




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  1. lmao the gunmans sister died!!! hahahaha nice one fucktard. having fun with your assault weapons yet usa??? hahahahah fuckin morons

  2. Let all those alcoholic sluts get killed.

  3. WOW! Leave that scar as a reminder that you are not a pssy! And saved lives!

  4. We all need to get ours heads back in alignment with this guy’s. An angel sent from the heavens for all of those who did not die that night! He should be at the White House in a press conference so we all can see and salute him!

  5. some heros don't wear capes…..GREAT JOB SIR!!!

  6. This man is a hero and deserves a metal with a big raise hats off to him

  7. Bouncer was brave, to be sure. But… The shooter was stopped by the police, 100%. AGAIN, that bouncer was brave as hell, but had the cops not been the heroes that they are, that bouncer would be a statistic right now. Glad he didn't have to die. That brave man owes the police a huge thank you.

  8. Who and why would someone give this a thumbs down. This man might have saved your wife husband son or daughter. No one knows what they would do in a situation like this till it happens… Thanks for stepping up 🤝👏

  9. He's also a professional wrestler! Solid brother right there!

  10. hey, stop calling the gunman an "alleged" shooter. HE WAS THE SHOOTER. PERIOD. HE DID IT.

  11. What sort of pathetic twerp loser downvotes a story like this?

  12. Did the two people that came with this crazed shooter not know he was planning to do this?He had the gun ammo and gear with him.

  13. “Pros are always risking their lives! That the true test of a Hero” quoted by All Might from My Hero Academia!

    I am proud of this man saving more than 100 of lives from this gunman!


  15. Ganger looked danger in the face and didn't flinch. ALL AMERICAN HERO!!!

  16. Wooow i Wish i had a Bf Like that. What a Hero

  17. When we take a look back to the beginning of time from able to Moses and Abraham God gave them weapon of knifes and such to fight the philistine and many other Joe and Obama needs to stop there mouths and stop running. For President so Obama can start a war and democrat can fill there pocket books and flood this country to ground with illegal immigrants and his people they need stop now no further should they be allow. Obama doing the killing now it was quite till he ungly head appeared in pubic look what gose down two mass shutting Obama using Joe the sucker to start a gun war again cause he started the gun war ask him about all those guns and other country he gave guns Mexico for one and next day Mexican kill a security guard other one of Obama killing he gave the guns but why should Obama be jail and lock away before other mass shooterlet loose after look at the other three him and Joe and Hilliary is that what kind of murdered you want for our great and beautiful country's for our children and there ask your self that if you read this and Mr President I'm counting on you and first lady let fight Joe and Obama beated to ground and punish once in for all after all three dead one dead after shipment of guns sent to Mexico to fight America with and count all the mass murder of police officers and now these two odd how he pop his ungly head out Obama bad news…lets get what we need to put him away up roar of black white can up roar to…and they all be stop and ship back to therecountry…

  18. That Fantastic Bouncer was not only a hero but also fearful and brilliant how he thought so quickly to save lives and then strategically pounced on him like a Lion… Hero of the year! 🙏❤️

  19. I hope he gets a raise, and respect.

  20. This story is pure absurd ABC dumbass propaganda and this “ HERO” LIES The killer WAS KILLED BEFORE he was even close to this absurd fool It’s dumbass unacceptable propaganda and FALSE reporting It’s perverse primitive disrespect to terrorized massacred victims and their abused families This Idiot is only wanting attention and his behavior and ABC s is the most primitive vial grotesque hateful kind Nobody should accept lies and fabrications like that and ABC and this absurd dude are deliberately trying to sabotage a terror investigation and deliberately alter facts for non understandable reasons or attention gain but most likely petty small financial gains all at the abusive cost of terror victims

  21. No falling in love with the heroes that you report about. Mrs. Pilgrim.

  22. Needs a standing ovation if he goes back to his job

  23. He should get an award from the city for his bravery!! That's one safe bar for sure!!

  24. Now that's a story . True man . I bet he eats steak . Soy free . Lol ! Good job dude !

  25. a white devil trying to stop a white devil!! Big fuckin deal 🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. Now that's what I call a brave, strong hero of a man!

  27. You've got things like Tucker Carlson with his confused faces, telling these "white men" that their way of life is "under threat"… they do what they do and they cowardly kill brown people so that they can either die or go to prison, thanks to Tucker Carlson!! 🤡👻☠

  28. wow this man, I would do it again, thats a mentality of a general combat solider..
    god bless his soul, solid man.

  29. Yes, he would of died…what about the hero police? Anyone know their names?

  30. Give this guy any raise in pay he wants

  31. Spoken like a real man! God bless you! 💪🏼🙏🏾👏

  32. These are the excuses that fox news will make: he was bullied, he had mental issues, it's the violent video games, etc. You wanna know what's the real truth? He is a demon and a monster.

  33. He is a true hero. Thank you, sir.

  34. If more people acted like this man…this world would not be the world it is today… we destroy ourselves

  35. If more people acted like this man…this world would not be the world it is today… we destroy ourselves

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