Hero Who Disarmed Monterey Park Mass Shooter Honored

Brandon Tsay, the man who disarmed the mass shooter at a Lunar New Year celebration earlier this year, has been working hard to achieve his academic goals and help the community heal.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Saved by using kung Fu.

  2. they shouldnt award this people, instead ban Guns.

  3. Can we see the Asian man that did the mass shooting? Huu Can Tran

  4. He should be superman

  5. The fact is he saved multiple lives. That is very important in oriental culture.

  6. You helped keep our community safe! Thank you Brandon! Love, An Alhambra Resident.

  7. An amazing young man!

  8. A true hero indeed 🙌🏾❤️💯🗣

  9. I hope a monument is built to honor him.

  10. This guy will never stop getting laid for the rest of his life 😂

  11. The scariest thing us why is this happening constantly in the US instead there a worst place

  12. I love how they honor this guy but never any of the gun owners who stopped mass shootings.

  13. They just don't make people like him (outside the military) anymore. Most people walk away and he jumped into the frat. I applaud this young man!!

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  15. SAD N.E.W.s in North K o r e a a 2 year old gets life in prison for having b.i.b.l.e in house & his family too! Life!!!!!!!!!!! Coming here!!!!!

  16. He didn't need to carry a gun to do this brave thing.

  17. Not a hero, just got lucky prying a gun away from an old man. A true hero would have a concealed weapon on him to truly neutralize any and all threats. Doubt he has even decided to buy a firearm even after experiencing a near death experience.

  18. I believe you have to have mental health issues to buy an army gun in the first place

  19. What a bad ass! A true American hero whose name should be known! We love you Brandon! Thank you!

  20. A true American hero.

  21. Being hero is a good thing people who say it is a bad thing are toxic

  22. God bless you and your community..

  23. lai lai is haunted now