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High school drama teacher meets anonymous kidney donor

Ed Hall and his wife met with Dr. Staci Lee, who donated her kidney to him as part of a donation chain started by his co-teacher, Taryn Hoyt.




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  1. In my primary school we done hairspray what a coincedence

  2. How did he get a Kidney so fast?? I’m someone who has been waiting for a kidney for over a year now, and none of my family members are able to donate coz of their own medical issues. Been on the cadaver list since last year.

  3. China donates body parts….

    Im not an organ donor as indicated on my Drivers license as Ive used and abused my body and still do. My warranty has long expired.

    On a serious note cool and touching.

  4. I’d be pissed a fatass got my kidney. Mf better make that shit last as long as possible

  5. With my luck my kidney maybe given to a racist. No thanks,but touching story.

  6. The kidney donor is from my state. Not alot of people you hear about are from here.

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  8. I would donate a Kidney but I’m a Drunk.

  9. OMG I am about to get tested in a couple of weeks to do a paired donation with my brother. I am not compatible with him so I will be swapping a kidney as long as he receives one. Has been on dialysis for over 30 years and it breaks my heart that I cannot help him.

  10. A random act of kindness is a beautiful thing.
    So is a kidney. 💚

    I do give ABC credit.
    They post some amazing videos. 👍🏼

  11. Beautiful woman. Outside and inside!

  12. Ed must be a fabulous teacher. Staci is such an empathetic, generous woman.

  13. Is it me or is every drama teacher a great person who has a life which sucks because of a stupid issue. Damn man.

  14. I received my kidney transplant last year and I'm forever thankful and grateful to the donor😄🙌🙏! Thank God for wonderful, selfless and beyond kind people that are organ donors.

  15. You never know what life's going to throw at you glad he made it

  16. I enjoy fava beans with that.

  17. Guy looks like Chaz Bono from the side…

  18. my faith in humanity is restored.

  19. I’m number 4 to see this video 🙃

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