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'Highly volatile' New Zealand volcano poses threat in search for missing l ABC News

Officials in New Zealand said the volcano is still “highly volatile,” but searchers will begin a risky recovery effort for eight people presumed dead from the eruption. READ MORE:

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  1. It's really a live natural bomb steaming ready to explode .you take a risk and go too close and get blown up its how curiosity killed the cat .Darwin awards to be handed out .

  2. Shame on that Volcano for emitting all that carbon. Go get them Greta!!! I’ll grab my kayak .

  3. Guess this proves you shouldn’t be walking around inside a volcano crater. Tragic none the less

  4. That angry little girl who yelled at the leaders of the UN will blame humans for this…

  5. Honestly, once the bodies are all recovered, the only logical solution would be a North Sentinelization of the island that is permanetely guarded by the New Zealand Navy.

  6. Its so funny how the media tries to make it seem their intent is human safety. — nigga please.

  7. the 2 brothers kids missing is very sad I hope they are ok and safe.

  8. Bodies are not worth risking the living.

  9. The boys that died are not from Chicago 🤦 Sydney Australia !

  10. Is there any footage of this eruption that isn't tied to some dogshit news source? I don't want commentary, edited cuts, or music with overlayed text. I just want to see raw footage. YouTube really has gone to shit.

  11. OMG please Lord help those plp out there 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. ABC you need to clean out this comment section! There some nasty comments here that don't belong. Let's remember the victims and their families and comment respectfully people!

  13. I thought the Coast Guard are suppose to jump feet first into Hell or high water?

  14. Next on ABC, they will blame this on Trump.

  15. Funny how it is "too dangerous" for rescuers (people they pay) and yet it was safe enough for tourists (people who payed them) to be taken all the way INSIDE.

  16. ABClown network
    I am shocked you guys didn't blame Trump for the eruption

  17. Not worth risking more lives, turn the island into a memorial and ban all future visitors.

  18. Surprised ABC doesn't blame President Trump and Conservatism for it.

  19. No worries carbon credits will fix that.


  20. Now I can trade the ash for a Poké flute

  21. Hell is getting into position and prepairing for the arrival of Comey and other democrat traitors.

  22. What idiots who goes to see an active volcano

  23. Thank you New Zealand for making this incredible effort to return the victims bodies to their families.
    I am sure most people are truly in awe of your efforts and grateful 🙏🙏🙏

  24. Ever heard of a drone…..mine… goes 5 miles and transmits vid at 3k and can land in water ….fly in rain …..I’m pretty sure by now I could of located something of interest…

  25. I just don’t really get why people can’t understand what it means when the news reporters say ‘they sent up drones yesterday and have located six bodies’. They know exactly where six of them are. Two of the missing they have not located yet. They have not ‘vapourised’. Their bodies are still on the island and anyone with half a heart or even half a brain would understand why it’s important to not leave you son or daughters or sister or brothers or mum or dads body baking in the sun to rot, especially when you know where they are lying.
    They want to at least do one last act for them and bring them home to rest.
    There’s so many stupid people commenting on here, and you can tell their all young idiots who haven’t experienced anything in life yet. You just shldnt be commenting if you don’t have anything useful to add.

  26. I wonder how those Clinton donations worked out for George.

  27. How big is that volcano's carbon footprint? We must tax the hell out of it in revenge

  28. Hot lava….. OH also ABC protects global pedophile rings.

  29. I admire the effort, and the empathy, you're trying to locate the missing souls, but chances are they're probably already buried under Ash and debris… May they rest in Peace…… 😑

  30. Uh. If they're engulfed in lava, then they will never find those bodies. They're melted down and are within the clouds of ash in the air. Humans are delusional. Lol.

  31. First there was that DC-10 disaster on Mount Erebus.. and now this..
    SORT IT OUT New Zealand… some places are not meant for humans.

  32. I've never see a whole group of 'Darwin award winners'.
    Come on people…its never a good idea to visit a volcano 💥🌋

  33. Sorry for their loss 🙏🏾


  35. Bitcoin is highly volatile. Trumps secrecy are highly volatile

  36. Oh no, that volcano will increase CO2 and speed climate change, maybe if we sacrifice a few liberals to the volcano it will stop.

  37. What exactly are they trying to retrieve? Bodies are now turn into ash due to extreme heat in the lava. Wait for the volcano to cool down.

  38. leave them there, for now. No point putting others at risk

  39. George STEPHANOPOULOS intimidated the rape victims of BILL CLINTON

  40. Are you a victim if it was your choice to go to an active volcano? Maybe a victim of your own stupidity. This behavior will never stop being funny.

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