Wednesday , May 12 2021
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'His Name Was George Perry Floyd Jr.': Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Chauvin Trial

During the prosecution’s closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, attorney Steve Schleicher began by speaking about George Floyd’s life and reminding the jury how he was the victim in this case.
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‘His Name Was George Perry Floyd Jr.’: Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Chauvin Trial


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  1. this case encourage the more and more drugs people

  2. Now it's time to Charge the other cases of The Young men and Women who were Murdered by The Police and other people.

  3. I don't see how the cop just gets away with it. He's gotta do some time. Sure, the victim had a shady past it seems, but that doesn't mean he deserved to die.

  4. Dat boy kneed a life sentence!

  5. His name was George Perry Floyd Jr. and his life mattered!!

  6. The prosecution deserves a standing ovation. He represented well and brought it home with compassion. Thank you for presenting sir.

  7. We are not asking to abolish cops! What we are asking for are cops with a conscious. Cops with compassion. Cops with a heart. If someone told you they couldn't breathe, if you had any human decency in you, you would have changed your position. Common sense!

  8. It’s time to get the other officers now. They too had a part to play in his murder.

  9. Derek Chauvin Found GUILTY on ALL COUNTS!

  10. Now since many Thk !!!!!! BLM Now!! They love you and only want the Best for ppl of Color..Now Go get those Vaccine cause you all in a Fabulous mood,,Massa just given you all, what y'all wanted😂.Massa needs his color ppl…Yeah I said it….I'm of Color… Sheep's….

  11. I really don't get the point of describing how he loved his mother and was surrounded by loved ones before being killed
    Does it make the crime not as bad if he was alone?
    In my eyes a murder is a murder and who the victims personal life shouldn't be discussed

  12. When I worked in the Las Vegas housing authority people always cried for mama after acting super hard lol

  13. Thank God for these prosecutors
    Justice was served! Rest In peace George Floyd

  14. We desperately need to raise our children with more love and compassion
    More importantly we need to allow them opportunities to fully know others (without whatever prejudices we ourselves personally hold)–it's a new world
    THEIR NEW WORLD-no longer that of old folks and their old hateful ways

  15. have such a crush on this man. Love the prosecution team, so talented

  16. The fact that he pushed the pavement with his face to try and make enough room in his chest to breathe is absolutely heartbreaking. I’m glad justice was served today, although we have a very long way to go in terms of preventing such blatant instances of police brutality against people of color. Should have been first degree… it was premeditated the second the he saw George Floyd’s skin, may he rest in peace.

  17. Siempre los afroamericanos cuando asesinan a cu uno de ellos quieren justicia pero k pasa cuando uno de ellos asesina un latino oh abusan de un Asiático no hacen nada porque todos tenemos los mismos derechos humanos …

  18. What a sick way to go out

  19. IF I was the sentencing judge : 40 years murder two , 25 years manslaughter , 15 years murder three Consecutively.

  20. And mob rule becomes justice. . .🤫

  21. Justice prevails first time this year!

  22. YouTube to take this all down now we don't need to keep repeating this over and over

  23. George Floyd shouldn’t have been fighting with the police George Floyd did not die because that Policeman put his knee on his neck he died because he was full of drugs the police officer said he would sit in the car with ham and said I’ll roll down the windows and turn the air conditioner on and he still Fighting with them

  24. Thank God that Monster was found Guilty 🤣😂😀🤣 HAHA go to jail killer cop!!!!!

  25. Nicole Brown Simpson was HER name. Too bad THAT jury failed her

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