Thursday , December 3 2020
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Historians Break Down Significance Of 2020 Election, Upcoming Transition Of Power | NBC News NOW

NBC News speaks to historians about the significance of the 2020 election and what President Trump’s delayed transition to a Biden administration could mean for the U.S.
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Historians Break Down Significance Of 2020 Election, Upcoming Transition Of Power | NBC News NOW


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  3. Supreme court can decide
    States vote Trump for independent

  4. Yeah because George W. Conceded on election night when media declared Gore the winner, oh wait he didn’t? Uh oh someone’s digging in the fake news well again.

  5. They didn’t lend support to Trump..have you forgotten that? Hypocritical news organization. If the Dems have nothing to hide then they shouldn’t be concerned about a recount!,

  6. Computer guy explaining the "glitches"
    Listen carefully to video…..

    Pay close attention, as he states this more than once:

    Computers only do what the software tells them to do.

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  8. I love the way Democratic Party went away peacefully , how Adam Shiff and Hilary Clinton and Pelosy never challenged the election and how they never doubt it the fairness of election , how they have not waisted tax payers money for 3 years with stupid impeachment hearings and how they never brought up the Russian collusion OMG bunch of Hippocrates along with NBC CNN and MSNBC

  9. This a horrific character flaw. So petty. Such an obvious malfunction of Trump's ego.
    Childish and highly irresponsible. Doesn't he know that being a bad sport is not good!
    Does Trump ever even consider or think about how he will be perceived in history?

  10. I heard that Trump doesn't take defeats easily. He doesn't like to lose, period, except in golf. His parents supposedly had asked him to give up learning tennis as a child: because, if he gets beaten in a a tennis match, he would never shake hands, or concede the tennis match. It even looked like Trump was ready to punch the tennis opponent on the nose. There is a rumor or two:::: President Trump may have asked Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to bring in the U.S. Army in the streets of major cities across the USA on January 19th, 2021. This is to keep himself in power after january 20th, 2021, with a little help from his Secretary of Defence. Esper supposedly refused to bring in the army to the streets on January 19th 2020. The substitute Secretary of Defense has supposedly agreed to bring in the military to the streets of citie across America on January 19th. This way Trump can supposedly retain power on January 20th 2021. Some people wonder if President Trump is trying to not release his tax returns for the past two decades.

  11. It's not over yet, GOD almighty doesn't want a socialist directing entire world through USA! GOD almighty is a true capitalist! See yourself and others! Nobody can fight GOD almighty!

  12. The “Fool” is no longer the talk of the town.
    Let’s all celebrate that the “Clown inChief” has been stripped off his power to destroy America.

  13. Joe Biden bragging about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history…

  14. Joe should not be trusted with classified info.

  15. Американский белый дом превратили в дом престарелых
    Джо Байден старый глупый безнадежный и очень слабый

  16. Fair and good elections. The best in a while… Compared to 2016 and Russia / wikileaks involvement… 2020 is democracy winning!
    But what we see now with the confused magahats, is the result of trump's lies, anti-democracy propaganda and the actions of far right extremism. So… Here we are, as excepted.
    In the end we don't care. Biden won, democracy won, and the era of corruption and incompetence is over.
    But America is going to have to deal with trump's and far right faux news legacy of lies, dishonesty, delusions, propaganda assaults on the truth and democracy. And that's going to be hard.

  17. There were so much different from the previous president election years ago and today presidency election. The problem was the mailing ballot system not happened in previous election. 😅

  18. Leftist propaganda Trump wins secend term not crup Biden and his supporters

  19. Relax folks BLOCKCHAIN has already weeded out 3.5 million dummy ballots. The voting rules were set by the Legislature in each state and can't be changed by others. In some states the legal votes get recounted by staff and tangible evidence will progress through the system up to the Supreme Court. The integrity of this election and future US elections is at stake. The legal winner will be revealed in due course.

  20. Thank you for electing Biden.
    China is happy COVID has been successful targeting Americans in presidential year people gathering and media ridiculously helping China and puppet Biden.
    US will be a province of China in no time.

  21. If Biden wants a transition of power, he needs to book a T time.

  22. 2016- make America great again
    2020- burn what little remains.

  23. How an any intelligent person have not seen this train coming????!!!!😕😕😕😕

  24. Peoples want the clown and his cronies not to leave the white house so the federal marshals drag them out media people please get ready take a close up vedio so the whole world see hehehe……

  25. Ahaha, that opening speech… Apply it to 2016 and what you media shills where saying back then (along with the left… FOR FOUR YEARS!), and the hypocrisy is just astounding

  26. For the last four years Trump has always refused to acknowledge his constant low approval ratings and never made a move to try and expand his base, you have to wonder in his mind , did he actually think he could win a National election when the evidence has been clear for the past four years that more people disapproved of him than those that did. He wallowed in the admiration of the MAGAs and couldn’t conceive that rest of us was out there.

  27. A child that just never grows up! Mr trump, be a man, be mature. This only is creating more negative impressions not only for you but for republican party. republican party now must stop this nonsense for its own better future.

  28. You can't make a deal with terrorists aka While Supremacists and Trumpty Dumpty cultists.

  29. There's still another whole month to go. Give the poor man a chance he doesn't have to do it right now. What are you so scared of?

  30. Why all that noise in the back?

  31. What can we expect from a puppet of Putin $@me dictatorship behavior. Who seeks benefits for themselves
    Not the country. <<you're fired >>🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲☝️

  32. 2

    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems
    I have never seen such a bad thing
    Vote for Biden but not for the Senate?

  33. yes you are correct but that election is a fair election. democracy is determining without fraud the winner also.

  34. The Chair of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainer (the fact checker) says there is election fraud, and has video of how they did it! Upset is coming. @t

  35. Leftists are lashing out at everything. they seek a new society but do not
    understand that it is not made of concrete , internet and marble buildings full of bureaucrats …. the individuals of flesh and blood awaken each day and make choices creating an organic flux of human activities ….a human being is a deciding being ….. truth is the remaining freedom of choice and we feel it shrinking and fading …. meaning in life now is diluted and sinking in the stink of social media. ….. some see no meaning and others have been duped by the illusion of a collective “Utopian future” …. both will justify violence READ SOLZHENITSYN!

  36. The Dominion voting system, used in key states across the US, altered US election results in favour of Joe Biden. Biggest Election Fraud in US History. The BBC is 100% complicit in covering up this fraud in favour of Joe Biden.

  37. If Biden had won 42 states Trump would have presented the extent of the victory itself as evidence of fraud against him and refused to concede.

  38. Peaceful? What has been peaceful from the Left in 4 years, zero, nada, zilch. Endless censorship, protests with violence, looting, burning down cites and non-stop hatred. 2021 Civil War II, get ready Lefty's.

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