Monday , August 2 2021
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Historic Drought And Climate Change Fueling Dangerous Wildfires

The unimaginable is becoming routine on the front lines of wildfires in the West, as firefighters face larger and faster-moving wildfires. Scientists are continuing to study the impacts of climate change, with extreme conditions growing in intensity and duration.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Historic Drought And Climate Change Fueling Dangerous Wildfires


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  2. Our race is like a virus to our planet, but nature doesn't care, we are the physical most unlikely event to happen. Humans are living creatures with the highest complexity, highest order and because of this, especially our brain needs constantly high energy to keep the order.
    So our species will not survive we are violating main principles of thermodynamics and quantum. mechanics.
    Every system wants to reach an equilibrium that means for us we have a low grade of entropy and high grade of energy. But we should have a high grade of entropy and the lowest possible energy state.
    We are the species which were unlikely to occur on the evolutionary path. But even if an event is unlikely there is a tiny probability that it will occur. But it's at the same time a death sentence for our species we will be ectinct by the end of the century.

  3. Man-made fires do not equal climate change. But it does beg the question, are they setting the fires to push their bogus narrative?

  4. America is beside China the main culprit for climate change

  5. This is global climate change, people need to unite and build a CREATIVE SOCIETY in order to survive.
    International Online Conference
    72 languages of simultaneous interpreting
    July 24, 2021|15:00 GMT
    Purpose of the conference is to provide a comprehensive, thorough overview of external and internal factors of the rapidly progressing global crisis that is affecting everyone.

  6. Toxic smoke chocking the east that’s miles away but is not choking N. California..?
    C’mon Man what’s on this video happened last year.. I

  7. "We still have options" — Yeah, I've heard that for 20 years and we did nothing, I expect more of the same. Our leaders seem to have silently conceded that this is just going to be our life now. What I expect to see is if you have the resources to buffer yourself you'll probably be OK, and if you don't, well, the poor are practically non-citizens at this point and we'll just move you around so no one has to be bothered with seeing your misery.

  8. Vengeance is mine as God says…

  9. It’s another fire season. It’s getting drier all the time and we’ve already had a bunch of fires this summer. Let’s share information and watch out for our community. I found a great resource to help all of us. Firemaps gives you a free home assessment that assigns you a risk score. Then you can use this to figure out the steps you can take to reduce your risk from wildfires by up to 90%. I figure we would all like to protect ourselves before even larger fires happen! Check it out and let me know what you think! It takes one minute to sign up.

  10. Nothing to see here the Sun God is on Go time. Major flooding is next more than likey than the Earthquake

  11. It's almost the end of times. Climate Change is here to stay. Prepare your soul and body. Please REPENT

  12. Mother nature's plans. Our planet is alive and this is part of her rehabilitation.

  13. It's the end of days. Get used to more and more of this until Jesus comes back. The Earth is going to be destroyed eventually.

  14. How is it that the economy is improving in the US?

  15. Game overs – we aren’t going to be around by 2030 if these flooding, drought and wildfire events keeps up every season.

  16. Global warming does not exist

  17. They said that MSM would hammer climate charge now that Trump is gone. And here you go.

  18. It’s nothing that humans have done it’s a cycle the earth goes through We are going into a grand solar minimum and we will see a lot of strange things we can not stop it

  19. What historic drought? We only had low precipitation for one year after having some solid 4 years.
    They create this to push their agenda. Government found another way to launder money, through climate changes notice how at first they. Called it global warming, b it when warming wasn’t global they retracted the name and called it climate change.
    We have to care for our planet, but the whole climate change is a money laundering scheme!!! Get on the wagon if you want to make some dirty money

  20. This is our climate moment. It started in the 90s + now we see it accelerating.l, slightly questionable 20 years ago. At this point the reality of climate change is undeniable + will only get worse. Assuming I live to about 80 years old, by that time this Earth will be an inferno. This is an emergency. It was cute to talk about it in the last 50 years + discuss what we might do someday should things get worse. Now it’s worse. We need immediate action.

  21. WEATHER WEAPONS…… look into it

  22. 🔥Droughts and heatwaves will be more common as climate change increases. A vegan diet is one of the best ways of reducing climate change:

  23. i remember trump ignore it

  24. Ancient prophecies unfolding according to the word of God. Basic.Instructions.Before.Leaving.Earth (Bible) Blueprint to break free from this matrix.

  25. And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

    9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

  26. Historic drought and historic flooding both miles apart and how can both be climate change problems.

  27. This is not climate change. It is weather related events which has happened many times and much worse long ago. Our climate is doing just fine …


  29. Hasn't climate change been happening for millions of years?

  30. Do away with asphalt and solar panels the weather will get back to normal

  31. I Think The Earth is moving closer to The Sun

  32. We can report on this day and night. The fact of the matter is mother nature will take out what she does not want anymore. Humans.

  33. More like forest mismanagement..and liberal incompetence…

  34. How come no one talks about the daily sky spraying around the world.

  35. Love the claim to climate change 👎

  36. Amazing and very sad, yet no one recognizes that this Universe has a Creator obviously with guidelines of how to manage it. We humanity are the course of its destruction

  37. We will only truly acknowledge and try to take actions when see the aftermath of the pressing issues, like world wars…everything will be okay when we're all wiped out from this planet. We're on that treadmill we can't get off from. We can only pace down to minimize the damage when as long as we live.

  38. What do "ALL" these CALIFORNIA wildfires have in common? RAIL ROADS AND RAIL ROAD TRACKS!! Set up a train that shoots water or, retardant.

    Create Fire breaks using the trains. You can't throw a rock HERE in Northern California without hitting Rail road tracks! EVERY WILDFIRE IN CALIFORNIA ALWAYS JUMPS RAIL ROAD TRACKS! WHY? USE THE TRAINS TO FIGHT THE FIRES!! Is the solution too OBVIOUS?

  39. I still don't understand why mainstream media doesn't ever report about the carbon emissions being spewed out at deadly rates in China ??? Ever wonder what the effects are of all the damns China is building to control the water supply…. or the concrete jungles they keep building ????

  40. Is their any chance the Fire Departments could borrow some water trucks from anywhere? The Mining and Construction industry often use Caterpillar water trucks and other similar vehicles to spray water everywhere.

  41. historic drought in the high desert? Sorry, its the high desert, they've never had a lot of rain… its a freaking desert. the climate began changing when the ice started receding millions of years ago. most of the east was under water before the last ice age. We get sharks teeth out of the mountains near Bakersfield…

  42. Such bullsh*t! Nightly weather reports will show you the truth. It's called weather. The planet and the universe will always win.

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