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Hit songwriter Diane Warren debuts her own album with diverse cast of music greats

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Diane Warren, who’s out with her debut album “Diane Warren: The Cave Sessions Vol. 1” after nearly four decades of writing songs for other artists’ albums.

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  2. So basically artist don't write there own HIT SONGS. Good for her 👏

  3. Never heard of this grandma or those gay songs

  4. Hi cutie,i would love to see you create a NFT. let's go.

  5. Stocks are good but Crypto is better

  6. God these old people these days why don't they just go home and be grandparents like they're supposed to God these old people have gotten embarrassing

  7. She wrote Selena’s “I’m getting used to you”. It’s such a great song

  8. Going by She's Fire this album going to misfire

  9. I would really like to sell my soul for money 💰 where do I sign up ⬆️ but I refuse to rock Elton John swag lol

  10. so what all us looters is rap stars.

  11. Really looking forward to hearing this.
    You know?
    Diane is a total legend.
    You know?
    This interview should have been longer, much longer.
    You know?
    ABC were so lucky to get the exclusive.
    You know?
    When do we get Volume II?
    You know?
    Honorary Oscar has to be awarded soon. Right?
    You know?
    Toni Braxton, Aerosmith, Lady Gaga.
    You know?
    You know?
    You know?

  12. So what you're really saying is…. All big songs are ghost written. Aka planted with a plant artist

  13. I will definitely be looking for it. Thanks!

  14. First comment, hey y’all! Have a great night. 🙂

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