Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Holiday Beauty Essentials with Charlie! | Fashion Mumblr

It’s not just me that thinks carefully about the beauty products I take on holiday, Charlie does too! So I roped him into sharing his top 5 Holiday Beauty Essentials in today’s video!

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  1. Love your vlogs together such a lovely couple 💕xx

  2. You two are so cute and Charlie is very handsome

  3. Pivoine is French for peony.

  4. Loved this, you two are too cute. You should do a couples tag 🙂 Found a website for Dexter http://www.doggieshades.com

  5. This is so cool! I love you guys! I love how easy you make it sound! Im going to hit subscribe!
    I also think you should totally share this on https://affimity.com/Beauty
    So many beauty enthusiasts there! <3
    Love you guys! xoxo

  6. Lol! Josie I loved this – giggled all the way through – you are fab as always but Charlie! Oh my word he is a natural – you need to get him his own channel 😜😂😊😄

  7. You guys are so cute xoxxo pls go to my channel and support

  8. Could your Charlie be any more handsome? I think not. I gather he's an athlete but he could easily be a model. You two are great together!

  9. I love how you two call each other darling! It's so sweet. Charlie is such a natural ☺️

  10. Love this colab your a beautiful couple 💖💘💝where is your blue tooth speaker from pls.

  11. that's quite a lot of products for a guy, isn't it? haha well anyway I really enjoy this video! have a nice holiday you guys 😊

  12. Just loved everything about this video! You guys are cute! 😘

  13. he is sooo adorable 😄
    and he is getting good at this, soon he'll have his own chanel haha

  14. Really loved this video!
    Lovely Holiday Beauty Essentials!
    Great products nd brands too!

  15. awww you guys are such a good looking couple 😍😍😍

  16. you look really happy in this vid 🙊 & you 2 r soo cute Xx

  17. aww, I really loved this video. So glad Charlie is now comfortable infront of the camera, hope that means we'll being seeing more of him. For the first half of your video I could hear birds chirping in the background and sounded so lovely ☺. also, kuddos for working while on vacation, such a hardworker

  18. Omg I love when men care about their skin!!! I don't get why most men don't!! Anyways love this video I'm a new subbie so happy I found you!! Now I have new products to try

  19. I love it when Charlie impersonates you vlogging or starting a video it's so funny but cute!! 😂☺️

  20. You guys are so cute together and make such a beautiful couple! your characters also seem to compliment each other so very well!

  21. Love this X well done to you both really enjoyed this xx

  22. you two are so cute together 🙂

  23. Loved this! You two make a fab video together. Please do more! X

  24. Such a nice video with the two of you, Charlie is a natural! So many new product ideas to try!

  25. You both are so good together!

  26. When you come to Joburg you should try get to Monte Casino, Gold Reef City or Emperors Palace. Really cool places to visit 🙂 If you need any recommendations about what to do and what to see or where to eat, i'll be more than happy to suggest places 😀

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