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00:00 – Soho Farmhouse
01:01 – Park Fair
03:23 – Holiday Prep & Travel Tips
21:47 – Garden Prep
30:28 – Kitchen Garden Dinner
31:35 – Pampering
32:24 – Travelling

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  1. This is a silly question. When you go on a one -two-week holiday do you pack one suitcase and a carry-on or two suitcases? I always seen to overpack!

  2. Great vlog enjoy your trip I look forward to seeing the vlog. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  3. Improving is mejorar in spanish 😉 las Islas Baleares son preciosas! 😍

  4. Have a wonderful holiday 😊

  5. Love your garden .so homely. Enjoy your stay.

  6. So jealous would love to go to Abu Dhabi

  7. Love your watch! May I ask where you got it from please?

  8. Have a fabulous time lovely people xxx

  9. Oh your so sweet Josie. I must ask when is the weddddsiiiiiinnnnnngggggg 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍?

  10. Lovely video. The babble program is nice. Those flat lay drawstring bags are adorable. Thanks. Ooh, Charlie is cooking.😃

  11. Josie hi, I have to mention it….is there something wrong with your top front teeth? I love your garden!

  12. You have amazing loving energy!

  13. Josie, enjoy your trip. Safe travels to you and Charlie

  14. Where can I find these mini greenhouses you plantet the salad in? They are so cute 🥰😍

  15. I loooove your garden

  16. Josie please research loccitane ingrdients… many dermatologists have done reviews on loccitane and Kiel’s and have reported that both brands have many toxic ingredients in their products… which is a shame as both brands are so popular.

  17. Don't forget to visit the Gold Sook!! The perfume oils are definitely a must buy!! & a personalized cartouche if you have time!💋

  18. Happy holiday and thank you for this lovely video 🤗🌴🏝

  19. Hope you’re having a fantastic trip!

  20. One of my sisters and her husband lived there for a few years. Now they are in Dubai. Thanks for this video and for your very hard work

  21. Bravo Josie, lo puedes hablar bastante bien. En 5 años, puedes ser una maestra de español.

  22. Josie, I hope you have a lovely trip!

  23. Oh….hablas bien mi idioma te felicito.un saludo desde Colombia 🤗

  24. Oh….hablas bien mi idioma te felicito.un saludo desde Colombia 🤗

  25. Josie darling, nice to see your mom "out and about"… The colors of her dress created a vibrant energy to suit how well she's healed!
    "Buenas Vacaciones" 🌞👒

  26. Hope you both have the most wonderful holiday. Looking forward to Tuesday already.

  27. Wishing you and Charming Charlie (The Courgette) the most wonderful trip in Abu Dhabi. I love the traveling in Air Emirates, its next Level luxury.

  28. The Zimmerman dress is $1500 in the United States of America.

  29. Have a ball on hols, ye both deserve it 💚🤗

  30. Gosh Josie I have always admired your white teeth and do use whitening strips but my teeth not as white as yours. Maybe leave them on longer? Your courgette cake was amazing and made my mouth water. I loved your trousers with the butterflies? on – look like H&M? Love that loose style. Really suited you. I am also excited to see how the plugs you put in the garden look when you return. Rain today so hopefully better weather for growing but going by the giant vegs you already have you have got it right. Looking forward to the next one on Tuesday re your holiday. So exciting. First class looks amazing. xx

  31. Don’t know what I’d do without Josie in the morn with my coffee!

  32. Thank you Josie, I’m an American woman and I want to share that I am so inspired by your lovely videos. They remind me of the times when women embraced their beauty and femininity. It seems it is making a comeback! So happy and blessed to see this. Thank you for showing us many women out here how to live life simply and joyfully enjoying each moment of the day! Blessings and love from America. 🤍🕊🕯

  33. Why are you going to Abu Dhabi and learning spanish ? Shouldn't you be learning Arabic ?

  34. So soothing and enjoyed all content! Thank you 💕

  35. Amazing thank you so much. Hope you are having a fab time xx

  36. Those flat lay pouches are so lovely! 😊 it’s always so calming watching your vlogs xx

  37. Hi Josie. I hope that you and Charlie have a wonderful holiday. Stay safe. 🙏🏾

  38. Josie What is real life like to you without the camera 📷?

  39. All so lovely.. Enjoy! 🌺🌞

  40. Felicidades por Tu español 🫶

  41. Does anyone know if Charlie has a Channel for cooking and recipes? He is such an excellent cook!!!

  42. Hi Josie- I follow you here in Y.T. I'm a Spanish speaking person and I have to say that your Spanish is very good. You have a nice accent as well. Muy bien.😊

    In Spanish we say: "mejorar mi español".

    Buen viaje, disfruten mucho.

  43. 🐼 Big Panda Bear Hugs from a 69 yr old grandma in Texas, USA. 🐼 ❤ 🎀 👍 🧚‍♂ 🐈 🧚 🍀