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Hollywood isn’t connecting with America, ‘An Open Secret’ producer says

‘An Open Secret’ producer Gabe Hoffman on politics at the Oscars and best-picture winner ‘The Shape of Water.’


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  1. Hannity, this bloke, cucker carlson and CNN, MSNBC and all the rest FAKE NEWS..

    Lucky I don't own a tv. Just shite !!!

  2. No longer watch movies or TV. It's all horrible. Horrible movies, nothing to watch on TV. They ruined Star Wars, Marvel, and many others that I loved in the past. It wouldn't bother me if all of the foul mouthed, godless, Christian hating people went away. They don't care about us little people and have zero respect for there audience.

  3. Hollywood's full of elitists that struggle to understand the real World or their position in it, These people live a life where they are constantly moving in an out of characters for their jobs & eventually they lose sight of who they really are & become the ignorant egotistical oafs that we find preaching to us today, They are a bunch of "do as I say not as I do" hypocrites. In an ideal World we would not see or hear from them outside of the movies & TV shows they make, sadly this is not an ideal World.

  4. I no longer watch the NFL. And I closed my Twitter account. Many others are too

  5. Those fragile Hollywood pedos couldn't survive two days in the real world without all their money and luxuries.

  6. Yes America is waking up, and Hollywood is falling asleep. Poor poor hollywood, you take away their Lucifer and they cry

  7. Maybe they figure if they can push 'modern art' on us, why not 'modern films?'

  8. I have only been to a movie theater 2 times in the last 30 years. Those Hollywood writers are dark evil people IMO. They must worship the devil or something like that. They are like poison to our country and the world.

  9. Entertainers become confused between reality and fantasy – we all know this but the entertainers forget that our only requirement of them is to entertain us when we want and how we want. When we go back to our real world the last person we want to hear from is some entertainer. We call on real medical practitioners for our medical needs and this applies to every aspect of our lives – the sooner these (for the most part lousy – thank goodness for Special FX ) entertainers realise this the happier they will be.

  10. If you watch Hollywood. NFL or any organize sport exect car racing or motorcycles… Must see a Shrink… Waste of your time. Get a job. School. Exercise.
    You making this evil people rich at your detriment. Stop it. Save money…

  11. In my opinion Hollywood movie stars and pro sport players 'are paid too much money and given way more attention than they deserve. Our nation needs to Honor the teachers, firefighters, and police men of our country instead of movie stars and pro sports players. Movie stars don't deserve the accolades they receive. Neither do purports players.

  12. Hollywood is full of actors, and these actors think they can do politics too? WTF? Stick to what you do best, making shitty movies.

  13. 01. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒ 「Support」 =Nazis ⇒ 「Attack」=Japan.
    02. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒「 Hollywood」⇒ 「Fake Movie」= Anti-Japan.
    03. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒「 Hollywood」⇒ 「Hiding」= US History.
    04. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒「 Hollywood」⇒ 「Forging」= Fake – History.

  14. 01. 「Before WWⅡ」⇒「45% of California GDP」⇒「Property of Japanese American」
    02. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒ 「Hijack」= California / Japanese Property.
    03. 「Left」⇒「FDR」+「Dark CIA」⇒ 「Hijack LA」⇒「Japanese」to Internment.
    04. 「Left」⇒「Dark CIA」⇒ 「Hijack LA」⇒「Give」to Korean / Chinese of Anti-Japan.

  15. Lol, an American with a British accent.

  16. That's cause they keep their mouths shut when starting out , we make them rich and famous and then they get political and insult 1/2 their audience. I'm sick of hollywood and celebrities totally and am starting to boycott them.

  17. Two dicks on tv telling people what they think ,oh the hypocrisy

  18. Hollywood is run by Women now. Most studio producers are female

  19. Hollywood doesn't get it because they don't want to. Plus the fact that they are occult.

  20. Teach your children to realize they are idiots in Hollywood. That is who they are preaching to.

  21. I honestly thought the sea monster movie was a Weinstein’ bio. So sorry my bad

  22. Tired of those boringly trite …happy endings.

  23. Interesting that he points out the stupid movie winning oscars. Oscars are literally the echo chamber of Hollywood all tooting each other’s horn. Garbage.
    It’s completely underestimated that the “people’s choice” awards should be the most prestigious. The people are who pay to see the movies and continue supporting the art form of cinema.

  24. Celebrities are some of the least important people there are

  25. The last real good movie Hollywood made before it became HOLLYWEIRDO is the 1993 "HEART AND SOULS" and after that it way downhill to ALL OUT CRAP.

  26. THESE ARROGANT HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE CAN NOW BE REAPLCED BY TECHNOLOGY. Supercomputer clusters with the required software using OTP memory chips can now make quality family oriented Christian movies with life like characters that are normally looking humans that are all COMPUTER GENERATED without the need for real life actors and actresses. Like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within a 2001 American computer-animated science fiction film directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Even artificial human like voices can now be computer generated and can interact with each other and with the human operators and creators.

  27. Hollywood needs to ban all guns on T.V & movie's! And beastiality 😝

  28. The only thing I ever wanted in life is to be a father and raise my children with their mother who is be married to . like Al. Bandy that is. But not a shoe salesman. I tried that at 18 years old at sportmart cerritos California 1996

  29. I never watched the awards shows, even before they got so political. I just found them boring. Same thing with all the beauty pageants. I wouldn’t watch them even before Trump-hating was cool. I thought they were boring too.

  30. When you live in a bubble, you're only talking to yourself. That's where Hollyweird is.

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